Moscow residents to get coronavirus test results via text messages

November 26, 2020

The results of the PCR coronavirus tests that Moscow people underwent in the city medical institutions will be delivered via text messages, as reported by Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova. 

“From today, city dwellers who have had COVID-19 PCR tests will get a text message giving them their results. This applies to tests carried out in the city medical establishments. This innovation has been adopted so that Moscow residents can receive their test results as promptly as possible and exercise caution. The messages will be delivered whether the test is positive or negative. If for some reason the test has failed to show whether a person is infected or not, we will notify him or her and ask them to take the test again. Medical workers carry out the tests in city outpatient clinics, hospitals or visit patients at home,” she noted.

The new service does not apply to testing in private laboratories.

If the coronavirus test proves positive doctors will ask the patient via the SMS to stay at home. They will contact the person as soon as possible to give advice on further measures. If the test is negative the person will be advised to continue to follow safety measures: wear a mask and gloves and maintain social distancing.

People can undergo the coronavirus PCR tests on preliminary registration at one of the 162 outpatient clinics. Children are treated in special rooms that are available in 45 children’s outpatient clinics. The test results will appear in an electronic medical record at and in the EMIAS.INFO app within three days. 

Earlier, the number of PCR tests available upon preliminary registration in the outpatient clinics was increased by more than 1,000. To achieve this, the treatment rooms extended their opening hours. Currently, 4860 people a day can be registered for testing in adult outpatient clinics and 1170 in children’s medical centres. The total number of tests that can be carried out a day exceeds 6,000.

Moscow has launched registration for EIA- and PCR testing for everybody. In addition, those with signs of acute viral respiratory infections or pneumonia signs undergo compulsory coronavirus testing. The testing is also mandatory for the patients at hospitals for non-contagious diseases, including in cases of scheduled admission.


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