Moscow ranks among top of the most attractive cities in the world for living

July 8
Social sector

Moscow has ranked among Top 3 of the most attractive megapolises for living. On the first place is New York, London is on the second. These are the data of the City for Everyone study, which the experts of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) international consulting company presented at the Moscow Urban Forum.

In total, the experts evaluated 16 megapolises. They compared the standard of living, economic opportunities, and relations in society and with the authorities, the dynamics of positive changes in the citizens living. The study is based on the city dwellers preferences and priorities and the statistical readings on 155 indicators.

"The criterion of success in our rating is the ability of a city meet the best way the needs of its dwellers in five blocks, and the best city is the one that best responds to the needs of citizens. Therefore, as part of the study, we analyzed not only objective statistics, but also more than three million responses received during the inquiry of 25 thousand dwellers of all 16 cities. According to the result, we can understand not only what changes are taking place in the megapolis, but also how it affects people," Vladislav Butenko, Head of the BCG global Urban Development sector, said.

In comparison with 2010, Moscow, according to experts, is among the leaders in terms of the speed of positive changes. Moscow demonstrates an increase in life expectancy, positive dynamics of housing affordability, increased attention to environmental issues, a relatively low level of air pollution, as well as high results in international Olympiads and PISA testing of schoolchildren. According to these and other factors, Moscow was ahead of Singapore, Sydney, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo.

In Moscow, there is the largest proportion of dwellers who answered negatively to the question of whether they feel a sense of loneliness, and this is an important indicator of social health.

Experts also defined trends that have been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the spread of online commerce and non-cash payments, the consumption of goods and services has increased. In addition, air pollution indicators have decreased and the crime rate has decreased.


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