Moscow protected: professional fire-fighting service turns 215

June 4
Safety and security

Established in 1804, Moscow Fire-Fighting Service celebrates its 215th anniversary since on 31 May. Since then, it has evolved significantly. Moscow has now many high-rise buildings, multi-tiered interchanges and underground tunnels. Complexity of engineering and architectural solutions have made things harder for firefighters as well.

Fire-Fighting and Rescue Centre's establishment on 9 September 2008 was a response to new challenges. Its mission is not only fire extinguishing, but also rapid response to other emergencies, as well as rescue, special-purpose and other urgent recovery activities.

The Centre employs about 3,000 workers, including 17 honorary Moscow firefighters and five honorary rescuers. Day after day, about 500 people take up their duties, with 160-180 special vehicles at their disposal.

The Centre includes 34 units with 23 fire and rescue, 7 emergency, 1 water facility fire-fighting, special fire-fighting machinery, engineering machinery and special automotive machinery units among them. They provide safety in ten tunnel and overpass complexes of the Third Transport Ring (TTR), Moscow City Business Centre, Vnukovo Airport, as well as in the residential sector, including Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas.

One of a kind

The Centre is equipped with more than 300 units of advanced fire and rescue and special-purpose vehicles, including unique machinery.

Special fire-fighting machinery unit No. 208 boasts 101m and 90m high telescopic boom lifts, the only in Russia, as well as a 55m aerial ladder to rescue people from high-rise buildings and facilities.

Water facility fire-fighting unit No. 210 ensures safety in the Moskva River's water area on-board a multi-purpose fire and rescue ship Polkovnik Chernyshev. 

The engineering machinery unit has special technical means to remedy emergency consequences and conduct humanitarian operations, such as diesel generator unit, crawler excavator and loader, crane, towing truck, utility terrain vehicle, pumping station and other machinery.

Starting from 1 May 2019, rapid response units with 22 firefighting and rescue motorcycles have taken their duties. Motorcycles are fitted with first aid kits and fire extinguishing equipment to extinguish fire at early stages.


All units of the Fire-Fighting and Rescue Centre operate 24/7. In 2018, its employees responded to 33,821 emergencies, 11,761 fires and 22,060 incidents, with 211 people rescued.

Beyond emergency responses, the Centre's employees annually arrange master classes in urban spaces and conduct open lessons at schools. In summer, firemen and rescuers educate children at summer camps.

"Our aim is to reduce the number of incidents, and therefore the number of victims. Education of children is a contribution to our joint safe future," said Head of the Fire-Fighting and Rescue Centre Ivan Podoprikhin.

In 2019, fire and rescue teams No. 215 and 310 were established in Moscow. Until the end of the year, some more fire-fighting stations are expected to be open.

Special focus is placed on fire safety of Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. 19 fire-fighting and rescue units are expected to open soon.


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