Moscow outranked Madrid and Amsterdam in the Kearney Global Cities Ranking

November 28, 2021
Municipal services

Moscow has outranked Madrid, Toronto, Dubai, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Zurich in the annual ranking of global cities (Global Cities Index 2021), which is published by the international consulting company Kearney.

Moscow gone up two positions and took the 18th place. In total, 156 cities of the world entered the rating, and New York, London and Paris topped it.

"Moscow's position in the top twenty global cities of the world is the result of constant work on improving the business climate in the capital, attracting investment, as well as the traditionally high level of culture and sports development. For example, the capital holds the first place among the world's cities in terms of the number of museums. The report authors also note the success of the cities digital economy and advanced technologies development, which in the conditions of the pandemic have become the main drivers of positive changes in the cities position in the rating," Vladimir Efimov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, said.

Moscow successfully used digital services and platforms during the pandemic first peak in the spring of 2020, introduced digital public services for citizens and businesses, which continued to be actively used after the removal of the main restrictions.

"Moscow ranked the first place among global cities in terms of the healthcare evolution and the number of university-sponsored incubators. These indicators are considered by the rating compilers as factors of future success in the development of global cities," Kirill Purtov, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of the city, added.

The rating of global cities has been published since 2008. It analyzes the world's largest centers by such indicators as human capital, urban governance, business environment, information environment, culture. Moscow has been in the ranking since 2012 and in the top 20 for nine years.


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