Moscow mobile COVID-19 jab teams

January 18

As of 18 January, a mobile coronavirus jab team has been functioning at GUM. Free injections are available each day from 10 am to 9 pm on a first come, first served basis.

“Today teams of city outpatient clinic workers began giving jabs at GUM. It is a very convenient way of doing things, as people in Moscow simply have to go to the department store and get their COVID-19 jab, without wasting time. All sanitary and epidemiological requirements are met there. We really are grateful to the management of GUM, for providing us with everything we need for organising a vaccination point. There’ll also be mobile teams at other places around the city, and if this proves to be popular, we will increase their number,” said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development.

Giving people jabs against the coronavirus continues to gain momentum, she said. As of today, 190,000 people in Moscow have already been vaccinated, and over 100,000 have signed up for a jab.

All sanitary and epidemiological requirements for administering the jabs against COVID-19 are being observed at GUM. Right now there’s just one team working at the country's main department store, but shortly an additional group will be added.

Nobody has to pay for the jabs given by mobile teams. It will also be possible to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in such shopping centres as Afimall City, Oceania, Gorod, Salaris, L-153, Columbus and Kaleidoscope, as well as at the My Documents flagship office of the Central Administrative Area, the Depot food hall and the Helicon Opera Theatre whenever people like.

The jabs are given by doctors from city outpatient clinics. All mobile teams are equipped with the necessary freezer boxes to store the vaccine correctly in.

The ambitious vaccination campaign began in Moscow on 5 December. The number of categories of people who have access to the jab is constantly growing. Older people in Moscow and citizens with chronic diseases can also get vaccinated. It is such a category of the population who are included on the high risk list.

To get a jab, you no longer need a certificate from your job but just have to say what kind of work you do.

In addition to mobile points, you can get vaccinated at one of the 100 jab stations at city outpatient clinics. They work each day from 8 am to 8 pm.

Also, 42 private medical clinics (Medsi, European Medical Centre, Invitro, Doktor Ryadom, Family Doctor and many others) are giving jabs. The vaccine itself is free, people only need to pay for a clinic's services. Private health centres are required to have the necessary cooling devices so the vaccine can be properly stored. All information concerning people in Moscow who’ve had jabs whether it be at a private or state facility is fed into the general healthcare database.


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