Moscow metro opens free skating rink for passengers

December 23, 2019

On 20 December, Moscow metro opened a free artificial ice rink for its passengers. You will find it between Sportivnaya and MCC Luzhniki metro stations. It covers an area of 200 sq m.

'We have another New Year present for citizens, both pleasant and useful one. Skating is a traditional winter activity, and we are happy to provide metro and MCC passengers with such an opportunity. On weekdays, the average total passenger traffic of the stations located next to the rink exceeds 115,000 people,' said Yulia Temnikova, Deputy Head of Customer Services and Passenger Liaison for the Moscow Metro.

The first visitors to the rink were welcomed by Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Figure skating art teams showed a New Year performance 'The Nutcracker' and professional skating elements.

The rink is open 10:00 am till 10:00 pm. Take your own skates or rent them for free. There will be over 60 skate pairs available: sizes 35 to 40 for women, sizes 40 to 45 for men, and sizes 26 to 35 for children (Russian sizing chart). There are storage lockers next to the ice rink. An administrator and a security officer are always available on the spot.

First free skating rink for metro and MCC passengers opened a year ago (near the entrance to MCC Luzhniki station). From 30 December 2018 till 15 January 2019, over 9,000 people visited it. There was also free skate rental.

Decorated Christmas trees have already been mounted at metro and MCC stations, with entrance doors and turnstiles having festive stickers now, and platforms and lobbies decorated with New Year posters. The metro has been running New Year themed trains.

This year, recreation areas offer 38 rinks and 62 ski runs for Muscovites and tourists, as well as festivals, concerts and workshops.

Welcome to space: New Year festivities to take place 31 December till 5 January in Moscow


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