Moscow Longevity members set eight world records in summer

September 20, 2019
Social sector

This summer, the Moscow Longevity project has held about 200 various events, with more than 80,000 people taking part.

Moscow old-timers enjoyed 19 festivals, about 40 competitions and 100 open master classes, as well as six major citywide events.

Unique achievements

From June to August, the project participants set eight world records.

On 23 May, at the festival dedicated to the summer season opening in Muzeon Arts Park, 1,597 citizens set a world record for the most people training with a wand.

On 6 July, a record was set as a wedding gift to a married couple who met at one of the project events. 59 members of the Moscow Longevity dance club staged the biggest wedding flash mob dance in bridal veils.

At the biggest event of the Moscow Longevity — a ten-hour long dance marathon — 3,778 senior dancers did Zumba to set one more world record. On 25 July, residents of Vladimir, Tambov, Voronezh, Kursk, Ulyanovsk, Izhevsk, Arkhangelsk and Maikop joined the marathon via teleconference.

On 21 August, in Sadovniki Park, the project participants set a record for the most people doing hand-held flag exercises. To the sounds of music, 535 citizens showed the 'I Love Moscow Longevity' message using the flag semaphore.

On 15 August, the opening day of the art-project 'Exhibition of Klavdiya Semyonovna', the biggest ceramic plate painting lesson took place in Zaryadye Park. 537 citizens painted the view of Moscow from the Park.

Фото: Максим Денисов

On 23 August, 418 Moscow Longevity members set a sports record for the most people keeping a football in the air at the contest 'Moscow Super Granddaddy 2019' in Muzeon Arts Park.

On 27 August, on the Moscow Longevity Day as part of the Spasskaya Tower Festival, the record was set for the most senior people singing the anthem of Moscow. Accompanied by the Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, a choir of 872 people performed in the centre of Moscow. The number of vocalists was chosen for a purpose, to symbolise the age of Moscow celebrating its 872nd birthday on 7 September.

On 31 August, in Luzhniki sports complex, at the Nordic Walking Festival, 3,793 participants walked 2.5 km, setting a world record for the number of old-timers participating.

Фото: Максим Денисов

Outdoor activities

Throughout the summer, 33 Moscow parks saw various activities for the project participants. This year, Muzeon Arts Parks, Levoberezhye recreation area, Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve and Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve joined in the project.

Besides the usual Nordic walking, dancing, gymnastics, foreign languages, singing, board games and computer skills classes, there are now healthcare lessons and a drama group.

Nordic walking, English, gymnastics, dancing and drawing were the most popular summer classes.

"This summer has become a truly wonderful time for senior Muscovites to improve their health for the whole year ahead. There has never been such a variety and number of events for third-age Muscovites like this summer. Apart from festivals, competitions and various master classes, 28 Moscow parks launched the first Morning in the Park project to host regular mass classes on general physical training for elderly people. In total, about 15,000 people took part in the morning exercise sessions held in the Parks during the summer," said  Vladimir Filippov, Deputy Head of the Department of Labour and Social Protection.

Northern Tushino Park, Levoberezhye recreation area, Kuzminki Park and Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora were the most visited sites of the Morning in the Park project.

The autumn season for the Moscow Longevity participants starts on 1 October.


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