Moscow landscaped over 440 streets since 2011

November 13
Municipal services

Moscow has landscaped over 440 streets in the past 10 years, said Deputy Moscow Mayor for Housing and Utilities and Landscaping Pyotr Biryukov.

“It is hard to imagine that the city had 130 special green areas 10 years ago. Today, their number is over 800. They have all necessary conditions for leisure and sports activities. We have landscaped over 440 streets. The number of pedestrians has grown, the city residents have started using the bicycle rental service and do sports more actively thanks to the creation of comfortable, safe, high-quality, and accessible landscaped areas in Moscow,” he said.

One of the major urban landscaping projects this year is Balchug Island. Specialists have landscaped embankments, adjacent streets and lanes, repaired building facades, installed architectural and artistic lighting, replaced the lighting system and created up-to-date observation decks. They are also going to plant almost 600 large trees and over 21 thousand shrubs on the island.

Krasnaya Presnya Street and Zvenigorodskoe Highway have been renovated up to the Third Ring Road this year. Here they have renewed the roadway and sidewalks, removed wires into cable ducts, installed lamps, up-to-date bus stop pavilions, and bicycle rental stations. It is also scheduled to plant about two thousand trees and shrubs here.

Apart from streets and embankments, Moscow is also landscaping parks. They are turning into up-to-date spaces where one may relax and walk near one’s home. One of the large-scale projects is Yauza Park landscaping. A 16-kilometre single green space will be created from Rostokino Aqueduct to the Moscow Automobile Ring Road. The park has already been partially renovated, this year they have landscaped two territories in the Chermyanka River flood plain. Now the park has cycling and hiking trails, an eco-trail, walkways, and observation decks, as well as children’s and sports areas.

Over 100 landmark and park areas in all districts of Moscow have acquired a new look in 2021.


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