Moscow joins TOP 5 best cities of the world

January 13
Economy and entrepreneurship

Moscow has joined TOP 5 in the Best Cities ranking by Resonance Consultancy. The ranking includes 100 cities assessed by experts according to infrastructure, attractions, urban environment and economic prosperity. Moscow is surpassed by London, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

'Moscow has moved up to the 5th position in the annual Best Cities ranking published on 7 January, leaving behind Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Rome. Advance in the ranking, with competitors such as New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, is a great accomplishment made possible by comprehensive city development efforts,' said Vladimir Yefimov, Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.

The ranking assesses the world's best cities in six categories. Moscow has shown an upward trend in five of them. According to Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Economic Policy and Urban Development Department Denis Tikhonov, Moscow has mostly advanced in the Economic Prosperity (moving up from the 117th to the 20th position). Besides, Moscow has improved its position in the Place of Residence (climate, security and urban environment), Pastime (culture, restaurants and shopping), Promotion (web search queries) and Product (infrastructure and attractions).

Resonance Consultancy is one of the world's leading consulting companies in tourism, real estate and economic development. Its Best Cities ranking analysing the world’s biggest megacities with a population of one million people and more is considered the most non-biased global city ranking.

In November, Moscow won the prestigious World Travel Awards as the World's Leading City Destination. In 2020, the Grand Final of the World Travel Awards will take place in Moscow for the first time. Today, the most frequent visitors to Moscow are young people aged 24 to 34. The Russian capital attracts them with festivals, sporting events, and a large number of comfortable public spaces.


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