Moscow issues solved by Our City portal's crowdsourcing projects

June 26
City administration

Our City portal was created in 2011. Since its launch, it has helped with more than 3.4 million issues, with over 600,000 of them solved through crowdsourcing projects.

The portal has already twice proposed its users to propose ideas for its improvement. Participants of the latest crowdsourcing project have tested a new version of Our City, proposed more than 3,900 ideas to improve the features and interface of the portal and its mobile app, and have also raised new challenging issues.

This not only improved the portal's features, but also launched 70 new topics to help with more than 600,000 issues in Moscow. The most popular topics were as follows:

— Unsatisfactory technical/sanitary condition (Public Transport);

— Damage to infrastructure  parts: air drains, blind area, foundation, floor, walls, drains (My Building);

— Damaged/improper road signs (My Road).

More than 50,000 problems have been solved within each of the three most popular topics.

The portal's improvement is currently in progress, some innovations are under development now.

To date, more than 1.4 million people are registered on the website. Due to this electronic resource, Moscow residents can monitor the timeliness and quality of repair and improvement, check the cleanliness and order in courtyards and parks, construction sites and public transport, check polyclinics opening hours and even prices in pharmacies.


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