Moscow introduces cutting-edge technology for diagnosing prostate cancer

August 31

Now, those who suspect their prostate cancer has returned can be further diagnosed using Ftor-18-PSMA targeted radiotracers. This, what is considered unique method is used to pinpoint where the tumor is and locate metastasizes anywhere in the body.

“This method currently available for men in Moscow is also being used in other places in Russia as well. It effectively detects the spot where a man has prostate cancer. The PET (positron emission tomography) combined with Ftor-18-PSMA targeted radiotracers helps discover where the cancer cells are. The procedure is being prescribed at cancer care centres and units at local outpatient clinics. It’s widely used in developed countries and is now available in Moscow,” said Sergei Morozov, Chief Specialist in Radiology and Instrumental Diagnostics at the Moscow Healthcare Department and Director of the Centre for Diagnostics and Telemedicine.

The method is simple: the injected fluorine-based preparation spreads all over the body and picks out all cancer cells. It highlights the tumors and pinpoints them by means of PET. Up until now doctors in Russia could only spot a recurrent tumor when the marker reached a high concentration, and now its level can be ten times lower.

“Doctors can now monitor the tumor’s response to chemo- or radiotherapy and adjust the treatment on time,” specified Sergei Morozov.

This form of diagnostics is available free of charge for men in Moscow who suspect that their prostate cancer has returned. All that is needed is a Compulsory Health Insurance and a visit  to a cancer care centre or unit of  an outpatient clinic.


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