Moscow increases exports of meat products by almost 14 percent

May 24
Economy and entrepreneurship

According to the results of 2020, the capital's meat products producers delivered their goods abroad for amount of 81.8 million dollars, having increased exports by 13.6 percent. This was told by the Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov.

"The export of meat products from the capital's producers increased from 72 million dollars in 2019 to 81.8 million dollars at the end of last year. The increase was almost 14 percent. Kazakhstan, China and Hong Kong were the main buyers of meat products produced in Moscow. These sectors accounted for more than half of all Moscow meat exports -64.4 percent," the Deputy Mayor said.

According to the last year results, Kazakhstan imported capital’s goods by 26.3 million dollars, that is almost 140 percent more than in 2019; Hong Kong -  by 13.4 million dollars (plus 77.6 percent compared to 2019), China - by 12.9 million dollars (plus 18.4 percent compared to 2019).

Kazakhstan became the largest market for Moscow meat products was. Its proportion in Moscow's exports was 32 percent.

"Most of all, Moscow has supplied meat and poultry by-products to this country. The exports volume of this type of meat products amounted to more than 24 million dollars, compared to 2019, the supply of poultry meat to Kazakhstan increased by 185.3 percent. In addition to these goods, Moscow also exports frozen beef products and fresh pork meat to Kazakhstan," Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, said.

Meat and poultry by-products are the most exported category of meat products among Moscow companies. In 2020, the export of poultry products reached 40.8 million dollars and accounted for almost 50 percent of all Moscow meat exports. Most of the products were sent to Kazakhstan (24.1 million dollars), China (9.6 million dollars), Kyrgyzstan (2.9 million dollars), Armenia (1.6 million dollars) and Serbia (1.3 million dollars).

Additionally, the popular capital’s products in foreign markets include frozen beef (12.8 million dollars), lamb meat (11.4 million dollars), frozen pork by-products (7.9 million dollars) and pork (7.3 million dollars).

Experts of the Export Support and Development Center ‘Mosprom’ refer the market of meat products to the category of resistant to adverse economic impacts. According to Natalia Shuvalova, General Director of the Mosprom Center, in 2020, the volume of global meat production amounted to more than 325 million tons, and global meat consumption- 324 million tons, which is 0.05 percent more than a year earlier.

"Moscow's export of meat products has great prospects for development in the countries of the near abroad and East Asia. These regions have a favorable position from the point of view of logistics, as well as an increased demand for products. For example, in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, there is a high demand in meat and poultry by-products, as well as in frozen beef. Fresh pork meat and various meat offal have a demand in Vietnam, China and Hong Kong," Natalia Shuvalova said.

The Mosprom Center, subordinated to the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow, is engaged in individual support of the capital's industrial exports and agricultural products exports.

The center's experts analyze the target markets for the capital's manufacturers: they study the macroeconomic report on the target market, the risk profile, including entry barriers, the state of the industry in the target market and its dependence on exports and imports, and conduct a SWOT analysis of the consumer market. Experts also perform individual analytics for companies, which determine the most effective strategy for the manufacturer's entry into foreign markets.

Within the framework of the buyer program, the center's specialists help Moscow companies to find contractors and negotiate with potential buyers abroad free of charge and on the basis of specific export needs. In addition, they ensure the participation of the capital's companies in international exhibitions and business missions.


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