Moscow has performed more than 22 million PCR tests for diagnosing COVID-19

May 19

More than 22.1 million PCR tests for diagnosing coronavirus and more than 6.7 million ELISA tests for antibodies were performed in the capital. This was told by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development.

"To date, more than 22.1 million PCR tests for diagnosing COVID-19 have been performed in Moscow. The number of tests performed using ELISA method, which shows the number of antibodies to coronavirus infection, exceeded 6.7 million. We promptly inform residents both about positive and negative results of the tests by SMS messages. This applies to tests made in city institutions. Adults and children can sign up for free PCR and ELISA testing for coronavirus infection in city polyclinics," she said.

Muscovites can get a free test by appointment in 162 adult polyclinics and 45 children's polyclinics. The results of the research will be available in the electronic medical record on the portal and in the mobile app ‘EMIAS.INFO’ within three days from the date of the analysis.

For all information on coronavirus prevention and decease management methods, refer to the special project


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