Moscow fountains prepared for winter

October 26
Municipal services

The fountains preservation is completed, according to Moscow municipal economy complex.

“Preservation of fountains includes a range of works: first, water is drained from the system, sculptures, bowls and equipment are cleaned, and the structure is washed. Then, underwater lights and jet-forming elements are dismantled, plugs are mounted", explainedPyotr Biryukov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Housing and Utilities and Improvement.

Fountains, that have complex engineering communications and decorative elements, are protected using special structures. For example, metal shields are placed on the Repinsky and Pushkinsky fountains; flat fountains in parks and squares are covered with protective screens. The fountain with dynamic lighting in the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve is the only one in Moscow that is covered with a special inflatable dome. The floating fountains on the Obvodny channel and Brateevsky Pond are completely dismantled every year.

Pyotr Biryukov also noted that in winter the fountains will be prepared for the new season.

"We are checking and repairing pumping equipment, filters and jet-forming elements, installing underwater lighting control panels and manifold safety systems, doing preventive repair of all communications and diagnostics of hydraulics," he explained.

About 350 specialists will perform these works. They will regularly inspect structural and decorative elements of fountains, check electrical equipment, ventilation and heating systems for pumping stations. Also, their responsibilities include cleaning fountains and the area around them from snow and ice. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the uninterrupted operation of drainage pumps in winter because they pump melt water out of structures.

There are about 600 fountains in Moscow. Among them are traditional, flat, floating, musical fountains and those with dynamic lighting.


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