Moscow explores possible use of blood plasma from COVID-19 vaccine recipients for treatment

February 1

Moscow’s hospitals are exploring the possibility of using blood plasma with COVID-19 antibodies donated by vaccinated people to treat coronavirus patients.

“The plasma transfusion method has proved effective, and the city’s hospitals use it quite often to treat their coronavirus patients,” said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor for Social Development. “Moscow is the first city to start testing the whole amount of plasma used for transfusion for the number of antibodies neutralising the virus. Given that people vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine develop a high number of neutralising antibodies, vaccinated people are likely to become donors in the future. To test this hypothesis, we have started large-scale research at our hospitals that care for coronavirus patients.”

As soon as the research is over, a final decision will be made on the expediency of inviting vaccinated people to donate their blood plasma.

Last autumn, hospitals started to use donated plasma with coronavirus antibodies regularly to treat their patients. The clinical committee has approved this method for use as a treatment for the coronavirus infection.

Patients in moderate and serious condition are given plasma transfusions with a doctor’s prescription. The therapeutic effect is achieved due to specific antibodies in plasma helping neutralise the virus.

To donate blood, call the hotline at +7 495 870 4516. Calls can be made from 9 am until 7 pm every day.

In keeping with the Moscow Mayor’s decision, 5,000 roubles would be paid to the donors of plasma with COVID-19 antibodies.  The donors will also receive a compensation of 1,212 roubles for meals. Those who donate their plasma for free can choose to have the donation included in the total number of blood donations required to be granted the status of either the Honoured Donor of Moscow or the Honoured Donor of Russia.

Today, there are eight plasma donation centres in Moscow, including:

- Gavrilov Blood Centre at 31 Bakinskaya St.

- Gavrilov Blood Centre at 14 Polikarpova St., Bldg. 2

- Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine at 3 Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Square, Bldg. 12

- City Hospital No. 52 at 3 Pekhotnaya St., Bldg.1

- Konchalovsky City Hospital in Zelenograd at 2 Kashtanovaya Alley, Bldg. 5

- Yeramishantsev City Hospital at 15, Lenskaya St.

- Vorokhobov City Hospital No. 67 at 2/44 Salyama Adilya St.

- Pirogova City Hospital No.1 at 10 Leninsky Prospect, Bldg. 1


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