Moscow expands list of people eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

December 25, 2020

Additional groups of city residents can sign up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Starting on Monday, 28 December, those working in public catering, the housing and utilities sector, sport and law enforcement, employees of non-profit and religious organisations, and volunteers can be inoculated, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

“COVID-19 vaccination centres will be open during the New Year holidays. We are allowing new groups of city residents, including employees of the housing/utility and public catering sectors, sport agencies and law enforcement, including police officers, prosecutors, judges and others, to make an appointment for vaccination from 28 December 2020,” he wrote.

In early December, employees of education and medical institutions became the first to get COVID-19 shots. Since 14 December, employees of My Documents centres providing government services, cultural centres, retail outlets and service-sector companies have been able to receive the jab.

On 21 December, vaccination became available to transport, energy-sector and industrial workers and employees of media outlets.

In all, 70 centres at local outpatient clinics provide vaccination services. They are open daily from 8 am through 8 pm. Muscovites can make an appointment two weeks in advance and present their passport, a mandatory health insurance policy and any document confirming that they work in the relevant sector or organisation.

City residents from high-risk groups aged 18-60 with mandatory health insurance policies or those registered at local outpatient clinics can get a COVID-19 vaccination. They cannot have chronic diseases, cannot have contracted colds or acute respiratory viral infections two weeks prior to vaccination, and cannot have had any shots in the past 30 days.

Pregnant women, as well as breastfeeding mothers, are not eligible for vaccination. From 28 December, COVID-19 shots will also be available to volunteers and the staff of the following sectors and institutions:

— education;

— healthcare;

— social services;

— My Documents government services centres;

— cultural centres;

— retail companies;

— the service sector;

— the transport sector;

— the power sector;

— industry;

— media outlets;

— the housing and utilities sector;

— sport agencies;

— law enforcement agencies

— non-profit organisations;

— religious organisations.


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