Moscow Enters Final List of Candidates for Hosting Expo 2030

November 4
Economy and entrepreneurship

The International Bureau of Expositions stopped accepting bids for the right to host Expo 2030, on October 29. The final list includes five candidate cities: Moscow (Russia), Busan (South Korea), Rome (Italy), Odessa (Ukraine), and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

Simultaneously, they launched a campaign to support Moscow’s bid where one of the capital city’s main attractions, Ostankino Tower, was painted in the colors used in the Russian bid.

Everyone may support Moscow. For this purpose, one has to post a photo with one’s favorite view of the capital city and the hashtag #timeexpo on social media. The authors of the best works will receive gifts from the Moscow Expo 2030 Bid Committee.

“Moscow is the largest megalopolis, which annually attracts dozens of millions of tourists from all over the world. The Russian capital hosted major international events: the World Cup, the Olympics. Expo is actually the only major event that has never been hosted by Moscow before. The experience of hosting the World Fair in other countries shows that Expo is a driver of additional development, attracts new investments, and creates jobs. We are sure that Moscow will host Expo 2030 at the highest possible level in case of a positive decision,” said Head of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development of Moscow Aleksey Fursin.

Our country has been taking part in the World Fair since 1851. At that time, this event was held in London. Our pavilions were repeatedly recognized as the best ones, while our inventions introduced there received prestigious awards. However, Russia has never hosted this event over the entire history of Expo.

If Moscow wins, the Fair will be held from 27 April to 27 October, 2030 near Vnukovo airport. The city will acquire a new point of attraction with a developed infrastructure, including transport infrastructure. After Expo, this place might be used for hosting various events.

The World Fair (Expo) is the largest international event where participating countries introduce themselves to the world. Here they demonstrate the latest developments in technology and science, cultural achievements and new architectural masterpieces, and in recent years — initiatives meant to solve global problems. This platform creates an image of countries and is a place for a dialogue between them. Expo is a unique platform for public diplomacy and national branding.


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