Moscow doctors conducted 150 thousand studies using new ultrasound machines

September 5

712 modern ultrasound devices were installed in city polyclinics under a life cycle contract. Using them, doctors performed about 150 thousand diagnostic procedures.

“The large-scale program of reequipping city medical institutions is underway. Today the city polyclinics are equipped with 712 modern ultrasound machines purchased under life cycle contracts. These are both universal devices for ultrasound imaging, and specialized for the cardiovascular system. The equipment was started to be supplied at the end of last year. Since then new medical equipment helped doctors perform almost 150 thousand diagnostic ultrasound examinations. Expanding diagnostic capabilities and improving its quality means that patients will be diagnosed even more accurately and faster,” said Irina Rybalchenko, General Director of the State Autonomous Institution “Gormedtekhnika” of the Moscow Health Department.

The equipment for the capital medical institutions is purchased using a unique technology — life cycle contracts. It means that the supplier undertakes to ensure the operability of the equipment throughout its entire service life, and also carries out its maintenance. If repairs are required, the customer will not pay anything for the downtime.

High-tech diagnostic equipment is supplied as part of the re-equipping medical institutions, as well as the overhaul of polyclinics according to the new Moscow standard. For example, modern mammographs are installed in all renovated polyclinics for adults. In terms of its technical capabilities, the equipment purchased ensures better diagnostic studies and their integrating into a single digital platform for the capital healthcare.

In total, over five thousand units of sophisticated high-tech medical equipment were purchased in Moscow under life cycle contracts for 2020–2023, including ultrasound machines, radiographs, the latest models of computer tomographs, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, endoscopic and other equipment.


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