Moscow conducts one million COVID-19 tests

May 7

Moscow has performed one million tests for the coronavirus infection, according to Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor for Social Development.

“We continue to actively increase our testing volumes for the coronavirus infection. To date, one million tests have been completed by city, federal and private laboratories. The city runs more than 40,000 tests daily,”the Deputy Mayor noted.

Moscow has doubled testing in the past week to promptly diagnose and treat patients. Despite an increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases, the number of hospital admissions remains stable. This means that the city is reducing the risk of the spread of the coronavirus and preventing the development of severe cases of the disease in patients.

In Moscow, coronavirus testing is mandatory for patients with signs of acute respiratory viral infections and pneumonia and all those living with a person diagnosed with COVID-19. In addition, employees who often come into contact with other people (medical and social workers, public utilities workers and the police) undergo testing. Also, patients in non-infectious hospitals are tested for the virus.

You can learn more about coronavirus prevention and control methods in the special project


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