Moscow City: Charity Service wins BIG Innovation Award

January 23

Moscow City: Charity Service (@ditmos) of the Moscow Mayor and Government has won one of the BIG Innovation Awards, which the Business Intelligence Group presents every year for the implementation of innovative solutions of great importance for society.

The service was established at the initiative of charity foundations and launched on 16 October 2020 in the Charity section of the My Payments service on

“The Charity Service was established barely three months ago to promote charity and the culture of good deeds. It is only at the initial stage of development, when we invite city charities to cooperate with us and provide information about our activities to city residents. It is inspiring that the combined efforts of charities and the Moscow Government have received an international award. We will continue to develop this service, and we will be happy if other megacities benefit from our experience,” Deputy Mayor Natalya Sergunina said.

She added that nearly 4,000 people used the service since October 2020 to make 6,200 donations, with the average donation amounting to over 260 roubles. The partner charities, which help seriously ill children and adults, special needs and low-income people, as well as stray animals, include Dr Liza’s Fair Care, Lighthouse Charity Foundation, Zhizn Kak Chudo (Life as a Miracle), Deaf-Blind Support Foundation Con-Nection, Korablik, Golfstream, Adeli, Hurry to Bonify, Doroga Miloserdiya (Charity Road), Foodbank Rus, Blago Dari Miru (Do Good for the World), stray animals charity Nika, and Rescue Animals from Yoke (RAY) foundation.

City residents who donate for charity via the service will receive performance reports every three months, including information about the number and size of donations and redistribution of funds among partner foundations.

Foundations involved in socially significant projects and those that are on the register of Moscow charities can join the project using a detailed instruction for simplified access. It is available on the Dushevnaya Moskva website.

The city provides regular support to charity initiatives. In 2020, total allocations to charitable foundations and organisations exceeded 300 million roubles, including 67.6 million roubles allocated within the framework of the annual Mayor’s grant competition for socially oriented NGOs.

The annual BIG Innovation Awards are presented by US consultancy Business Intelligence Group to organisations and people who bring new ideas to life in an innovative way and influence society. Nominations are judged by a select group of business leaders and executives.


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