Moscow animation film companies presented their products at the festival in France

July 19
Economy and entrepreneurship

Moscow animators took part in the International Animation Film Festival in Annecy (France), which was held from June 14 to 19. The application campaign was conducted by the Agency of Creative Industries, subordinate to the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.

 "This year, 20 Moscow companies took part in the festival online, which presented 30 animated feature films. These are not only visually spectacular, but also deep narrative works. The geography of international buyers with whom our animators held negotiations and presented their projects is quite wide - these are Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, China, Finland and other countries," Alexey Fursin, the Head of the Department, said.

The Agama Film animation studio showed the Feyerinky series (two more seasons are planned to be released until 2024). Another eight animation films were submit to approval of international partners by the Shar animation film school-studio.

The Plastilinky project of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio, thanks to the partnership with Joy Media, was held on 14 digital platforms in China. In addition, an agreement was signed with the Jetpack Distribution British company to show this series.

Specialists of the Tunz Entertainment Russia company held a number of meetings with colleagues from France, Belgium, Italy, Poland and Germany. Thanks to this, it was possible to expand the list of contacts of potential partners and representatives of foreign mass media.

Paranoid Animation Studio has organized negotiations with specialists from Japan, Turkey, Lithuania and Latvia in order to attract contractors for the production of joint animation films. The participants of the meetings discussed in detail the technological and organizational nuances of production, mechanisms for supporting animation films in their countries.

On June 25, Moscow animators took part in an online business meeting with representatives of Argentine companies working in the field of author's animation films, distribution and co-production. This format is primarily aimed at expanding and strengthening international relations in the animation films industry, as well as at finding partners for the implementation of joint projects.

The festival was attended by about 8.5 thousand people from 100 countries, including independent producers of animation film content, representatives of large companies and international studios. Due to the unstable epidemiological situation, some of the events were held remotely. In total, about 240 in-person screenings of animation films and about 13 thousand hours of online views were organized.


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