Moscow airmobility: innovative projects for the city

September 9
Economy and entrepreneurship

Urban airmobility projects are actively developing all over the world. According to expert estimates, the drone market has hundreds of new aircraft projects now with the amount of five billion dollars invested in them.

Pilot testing is conducted in such metropolises as Seoul, Dubai, Hong Kong, Vienna, Munich. Moscow is doing systematic work, including creation of the required infrastructure. The projects of the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC) participants in the field of urban airmobility were first presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021, held at the end of July in Zhukovsky.

Technological electric motors

Solutions of Moscow developers include electric motors for drones and other systems of urban transport mobility. Compared to traditional engines, their cost price is lower with higher technological effectiveness. Their implementation will create automated production facilities, as well as jobs for the industry.

“There is a demand appearing in the capital and other major cities for air monitoring systems, small cargo delivery services and even passenger transportation by air. The main advantage of such transport is reduced travel time: in the future, it will be possible to get by air taxi from the airport to the center of the metropolis much faster. Another advantage is that electric motors make promising transport systems less noisy and more environmentally friendly,” Natalya Sergunina,  Deputy Moscow Mayor, noted.

According to her, using the air transport in metropolises is an issue that requires an integrated approach both from the point of view of legislative regulation and creating infrastructure, technological readiness and emotional readiness of the citizens themselves for this method of travel.

Intelligent monitoring and 3D modeling

MIC also presented an unmanned monitoring system using artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies at MAKS-2021. The device can be useful in finding missing people, for discovering fires and other emergency situations. For example, it can recognize a person drowning in water by the model of his behavior.

Press service of Moscow Investment and Industrial Policy Department

Also the capital developments includes an unmanned universal platform for remote sensing. This is a new modification of the data acquisition apparatus. The device enables to generate a high-precision digital 3D model of the terrain for effective design of urban space.


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