More than two million medical procedures have been performed in the Healthy Moscow pavilions

September 16

During the operation of the Healthy Moscow pavilions (since May 11), a total of more than two million different medical procedures have been performed. In the pavilions, you can get a free-of-charge check-up under the expanded program of preventive medical examination without prior medical appointment and referrals or receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“This year, in the Healthy Moscow pavilions, more than two million medical procedures, such as blood taking, measuring intraocular pressure, cholesterol tests, have been performed. Moreover, more that 900 thousand medical procedures have been performed within ancillary tests that are not included in the Federal Standard of preventive medical examination, and more than 450 thousand medical procedures have been performed within the expanded examination of those who were exposed to a coronavirus infection”, said Aleksey Bezymyanny, Head of the Directorate for the coordination of the activities of medical organizations of the Moscow City Health Department.

The residents of Moscow faced with a coronavirus infection can check their health status 60 days after their recuperation. In the Healthy Moscow pavilions, a wide range of ancillary tests are done for them, in particular, spirometry, biochemical blood test with seven values, six-minute walk test, test for determination of D-dimer in blood). If necessary, they are also given an appointment card for chest X-ray examination to be performed at their outpatient clinics (if it has not been performed for a year).

The Healthy Moscow pavilions continue to provide healthcare to patients until the end of September.  They work without breaks and weekends from 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m. For free examination, visitors shall present a passport and Moscow obligatory medical insurance policy. You can find the nearest pavilion by clicking on a hashtag.


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