More than fifteen hundred Moscow pharmacies accept electronic prescriptions now

February 23
Social sector

Since February, Moscow residents need no longer to print a paper prescription to buy a medicine at a pharmacy. Showing the pharmacist the QR code on the mobile phone screen is sufficient. The number of pharmacies dispensing drugs by electronic prescription has doubled - now there are more than fifteen hundred of them now.

"The launch of electronic prescriptions became possible thanks to the work of a single digital platform - after prescription QR code reading, a pharmacist receives detailed information on drugs prescribed from the unified medical information analysis system database. This service is already available in 351 Moscow Health Department pharmacies for the preferential dispensing of medicines, as well as in 1223 points of commercial pharmacies. Since the project start, the number of pharmacy outlets accepting electronic prescriptions has doubled and is 1574 now," Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, said.

The new system eliminates the possibility of the unauthorized transfer of drug prescriptions to other persons or multiple purchases of drugs in different pharmacies under the same prescription. No electronic prescription can be tampered with, lost or damaged.

The ability to issue electronic prescriptions appeared in the Moscow City Unified Medical Information Analysis System (UMIAS) at the beginning of 2014, thus enabling to shorten the time spent for issuing by a physician more than twice. However, until February 2021, a patient had to print out prescription forms. This is not required now, since a physician signs the prescription with a qualified electronic signature, and QR code showing at the pharmacy to receive prescribed drugs is sufficient for patients. If the electronic prescription is preferential, the patient can receive medicines under the compulsory medical insurance policy.

For those not prepared to use the electronic prescription, or wishing to buy drugs in a pharmacy other than connected to UMIAS, or leaving for another region, it is still possible to get a prescription on a traditional paper form.

To this date, an electronic prescription can be only issued by physicians of outpatient clinics of the Moscow Health Department. Later on, all commercial, departmental and federal medical organizations located in Moscow will be enabled to connect to the system.

Digital healthcare projects in Moscow are implemented jointly with the Health Department and the Information Technology Department.


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