More than 350 thousand guests visited the Moscow exhibition at the World Exhibition in Dubai

January 1
Interregional and international affairs

The Russian pavilion with Moscow's display at the World Universal Exhibition in Dubai was visited by more than 350 thousand people. The interactive space, created in collaboration with the capital's architects, artists and musicians, was dedicated to key development programs of the city and unique experience in a variety of fields, including culture, entrepreneurship, tourism and many others. The display was opened on 20 November and worked for a month.

This spring, Moscow became the first city to apply for the right to host Expo-2030. On 14 December, it was presented to the participants of the General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions. During the official visit of the Russian delegation to Expo 2020, the Forum of Russia: Defining the Future was held dedicated to international and Russian-Arab cooperation in the field of economics and investment. Sergei Sobyanin spoke at the session “Cities-2030. The Progress of Mankind” and told about the program for the capital development by 2030.  It covers all spheres of life — from the creation of jobs and a high-quality transport system to modern housing and opportunities for recreation and leisure.

"The Moscow display and its extensive program in Dubai has become a window to the capital for hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the world. Everyone could get acquainted with our city development destinations. The urban environment and infrastructure modernization, new technologies and digital tools implementation — all the changes of recent years make Moscow a worthy venue for Expo-2030 and demonstration of advanced human practices," Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, said.

The center of the Moscow display in Dubai was the observation deck — a smaller copy of the Zaryadye Park levitating bridge. Here, the ‘Flight over Moscow’ virtual tour was made for visitors so that everyone could admire the capital of Russia. To complete the picture, composer Viktor Osadchev wrote a musical and sound-noise series — the chime of bells, the ringing of bells, summer rain, the noise of the stadium. So the guests were able to feel the mood of the city and enjoy a fascinating walk around the metropolis.

One of the most striking events was the Moscow Seasons fashion show of the Moscow designers collections. Created in Moscow. It was presented by the Moscow Seasons cycle of urban street events. It is based on the trends of large megacities, where traditions and new trends are combined. The week of Moscow animation also did not go unnoticed. The program contained featured-length films and collections of short cartoons.

In early December, residents and guests of Dubai could get acquainted with Russian cuisine as part of the Moscow Gastronomic Week festival. It was curated by two Moscow chefs, whose restaurants were recently noted in the Michelin guide. In seven restaurants, they offered salad a la Russe with poultry, kulebyaka with salmon, author's jellied meat, cold borscht, Pozharski chicken and partridge cutlets.

The mobile branch of the Russian Post also worked as part of the display. More than eight thousand postcards with views of the Russian capital were sent to dozens of countries around the world. In addition, the site hosted an exhibition of contemporary Russian artists and a creative project Color.AI, concerts of Moscow Spring a cappella and jazz orchestra conducted by Igor Butman, Moscow Night popular music festival.

The main display of the capital has completed its work, but before the closing of Expo 2020, Moscow will present many more events in Dubai.

"The poster of future events includes performances by the famous Moscow Virtuosi Orchestra, the Helikon Opera Theater and other world-famous representatives of Russian music and culture," Alexey Fursin, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, said.

The World Universal Exhibition (Expo) is the largest international event, which was first held in 1851. The participating countries present to the world their latest developments in technology and science, cultural achievements and new architectural masterpieces, and in recent years — initiatives in solving global problems. Now the Expo is held every five years, the exhibition is open to the public for six months. Traditionally, more than 120 countries take part in the event, and the number of visitors is estimated in millions.

Expo 2020 in Dubai was opened on October 1, 2021, and will last until the end of March 2022. The venue has already been visited by more than seven million people.


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