More accessible and convenient: Sergei Sobyanin spoke about the development of Moscow medicine

June 17

Moscow will continue to introduce a new standard of polyclinics, as Sergei Sobyanin said live on TV Tsentr.

Healthcare facilities are to be equipped with up-to-date appliances, and Moscow doctors are to have more opportunities for professional development. Thanks to this, medical care will become more accessible and convenient for citizens.

"It goes about more subtle adjustment of all organisational, managerial solutions, work with patients and so on, on the one hand. On the other hand, it means a radical renovation of material resources, which also get out of order and periodically require a serious upgrade of equipment, continuous overhaul, and construction of dozens of new polyclinics," said Moscow Mayor.

Moscow standard + project will regulate the work on the development of Moscow polyclinics. It continues the 'Moscow Polyclinics' crowd-sourcing project, created a few years ago with about 50,000 people taking part. Thanks to the project, it has become easier to make an appointment with a doctor, receive test results, and notify a patient about cancellation or change in the time of an appointment. In total, more than 80 ideas proposed by citizens have been implemented.

"But the most important thing is that each polyclinic must have a certain staff of doctors in accordance with the standard with the top-line provided by 8 most demanded doctors, from a cardiologist to a general practitioner," Moscow Mayor added.

'Moscow Doctor' — the second level

For Moscow healthcare system to reach a new level of quality, special focus should be placed to the training and education of physicians. According to Sergei Sobyanin, one of the key roles in this work is played by a voluntary certification program for obtaining the 'Moscow Doctor' status.

"Today, the 'Moscow Doctor' status means a European level for us. But what have we encountered? Only 700 doctors have been selected to obtain this status. And we have about 40,000 doctors. Therefore, we have consulted with chief physicians and specialists and decided to arrange kind of a light selection regime, the second level of the 'Moscow Doctor' project, more wide-scale and acceptable for the majority of doctors," said Moscow Mayor.

According to him, the new system of qualification assessment of Moscow doctors will be ready to operate by this autumn.

"It is a great deal of work, it includes both advanced training system, qualification exams, and certification, it is the whole system, and we have been working on it with Moscow medical universities, the Healthcare Ministry and so on," said Moscow Mayor.

The 'Moscow Doctor' status may be awarded now to a doctor having a specialist certificate or an accreditation certificate. Their employment experience in the same occupation should be at least 5 years. A doctor has to pass an assessment procedure and defend his or her professional portfolio. Test participation is free and voluntary.

The 'Moscow Doctor' status is valid for five years, later it must be confirmed. Its owners are monthly paid an allowance to a salary in the amount of RUB 15,000. One physician can be assigned the status in several specialties at once, provided it has been practiced. In this case, the allowance is paid for each specialty.

The 'Moscow Doctor' project was launched on 1 September 2017. The list of medical specialties eligible for special status and related allowance has been expanding.


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