Modern technology and unique concept: NSC construction

September 30
Construction and renovation

A national space centre is being built in Moscow at the Khrunichev Space Scientific and Production Centre. The preparations for the construction to get underway are nearing completion.  The place for the foundations has been dug removing over 97,000 cubic metres of soil.  The original structure has also been reinforced. According to Tagir Galimov, Mosinzhproekt’s Deputy General Director for Civil Construction, the whole job should be completed by the end of 2022, and it’s expected the complex will open in 2023.

The NSC will house the offices of Roscosmos member companies as well as labs, production sites and research centres of Russian leading universities. Under the same roof there’ll also be a diversification centre, an industrial bank, an education centre as well as cafes and shops. In addition to this, there will be a congress business centre for over 200 Roscosmos member companies with places where events can be hosted.  It is expected that there will be about 20,000 workers there.

The main feature of the complex will be a high spired tower surrounded by various buildings. Only the most advanced construction technology will be used.


Divided between two shifts there are around 720 construction workers carrying out the job. As soon as the foundations are completed, engineers will be brought in who are experts in things like ventilation and other specialist fields. Safety measures are also in the focus.

“All the workers have PPE. The building site is clearly marked where there are high-risk zones. Vehicles have designated areas where they can go. About 612,000 man-hours have been put into the construction work so far and there haven’t been any accidents. This shows that the safety measures really do work,” emphasised Alexei Nadyrshin, Deputy General Director for Project Management at MIP-Stroi No 1.

According to Nadyrshin, thanks to improving production logistics and the use of new technologies, KPI grew 37 percent over the last quarter. He also noted that, of course, the coronavirus pandemic impacted the construction process. Nevertheless, it was never suspended; but additional safety measures were ensured. One example of this is there’s a medical point on the building site where workers have their temperature taken on a daily basis. Wearing masks is mandatory.

Clear forms and a rocket tower

The national space centre will cover an area of 6.9 hectares. The buildings will take up  over 250,000 sq m. The architectural concept of the design was chosen last year following a contest. The participants had to create a single architectural complex of different heights where rocket and space industry enterprises as well as labs and scientific and educational facilities could be housed.

The UNK project won the contest. A high triangle tower will be the central feature of the proposed concept. It resembles a rocket and symbolises Russia’s achievements in the space industry. The tower is expected to house Roscosmos’s Mission Control Centre, with an adjacent long wing with several other facilities. A central gallery will go through the entire building. According to the creators’ idea, it symbolises the flow of time and tells the story of space exploration.

The architects wanted to use clear geometric forms. All the structures will combine glass and thin aluminum plates.

The adjacent area will be revamped. According to the creators’ idea, there’ll be various public spaces and open-air exhibitions that people won’t have to pay to go into. Fountains are also planned.

Vladimir Putin instructed the establishment of a national space centre in his address to the Federal Assembly in 2019 and so the city chose a good plot of land at the Khrunichev Space Scientific and Production Centre in Moscow.


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