MKAD longest pedestrian overpass to appear in Moscow’s south-east

December 2, 2021
Construction and renovation

The longest pedestrian overpass on the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) will appear at the intersection of the ring road with the Novoegoryevskoye Highway. Its length will be 317.74 meters.

“According to the project of road interchange reconstruction at the intersection with Verkhniye Polya Street, the longest pedestrian overpass on the MKAD will be built. There are many large shopping and commercial facilities in this area, which are visited by a lot of people,” said Rafik Zagrutdinov, Head of the Moscow City Construction Department.

The pedestrian overpass will be located along the left-turn exit from the Novoegoryevskoye Highway to the inner side of the MKAD. Two towers-ramps will be erected on both sides of the Verkhniye Polya Street, and the other two — on both sides of the MKAD. The exit from the outside of the highway will allow people to go to a large shopping center on the 14 th kilometer of the MKAD.

The overpass will be equipped with four elevators, in addition, there will be service rooms and switchboards. The project also includes installation of a water measuring unit and a video surveillance system. Decorative translucent fences will be made on superstructures and towers-ramps.

By the end of 2023 it is planned to build 266 kilometers of roads, 88 artificial structures and 54 pedestrian crossings in Moscow.


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