Ministry of Economic Development names Moscow leading online services provider

January 15
Municipal services

In late 2020, Moscow remained a leading provider of online government and municipal services, according to a Ministry of Economic Development ranking survey. The city scored 87.81 points and came first among all the Russian regions, Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalya Sergunina said. Two other leaders include the Moscow Region with 85.37 points and also the Tula Region with 85.32 points.

“People in Moscow are already used to obtaining many online services. This is a fast and convenient way of doing things. The development of the digital infrastructure is a demand of the times and an indicator of urban comfort. We constantly upgrade the city’s ecosystem and expand its capabilities and functions. The municipal charity service was launched in the autumn, followed by a service for locating missing pets in late 2020,” Ms Sergunina noted.

While compiling the ranking survey, experts from the Ministry of Economic Development assessed parameters influencing the quality of providing online services and their comfort levels. For example, users should have access to complete and updated information on the procedure for obtaining these services. They should also be able to submit applications in a user-friendly setting, to monitor the status of their applications, etc.

Moscow is a global leader in the field of digitalisation and the provision of online services. This is made possible by the Moscow Government’s purposeful work. Since the city launched its online services, local residents have used them over 1.8 billion times. Over 20 million people visit the website each month, and over 13 million users have established personal accounts there.

People in Moscow now can obtain over 370 online services, including medical appointments or online consultations at the City Property Department. They can access their children’s school mark books, online medical case histories, obtain appointments at veterinary clinics and get parking permits. It is also possible to pay utility and other bills, to replenish Troika card accounts and lots more things.

Apart from, people can obtain popular online services using such mobile apps as Moscow’s Government Services and My Moscow. Both apps are highly popular with over 4.1 million people using them.


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