Michelin stars in Moscow

December 25, 2020
Economy and entrepreneurship

In 2021, Moscow will become the first post-Soviet city to be included in the world’s most famous Michelin restaurant survey, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote on his Instagram account. A chance to earn a Michelin star can serve as another incentive for expanding restaurant businesses following the pandemic.


Mr Sobyanin also noted that the city will resume festivals following the pandemic, will become a hospitable city once again and expects millions of tourists.

Published since 1900, the Michelin Guide was initially intended as a guidebook for traveling motorists. In 1926, the guidebook’s managers started awarding stars to fashionable restaurants. At first, each place received just one star. Five years on, a system consisting of zero, one, two and three stars were introduced, and rating criteria were published in 1936.

Today, Michelin surveys over 30,000 restaurants in various countries globally.

Source: mos.ru

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