Metro of the 21th century: Big Circle Line employees — about the new metro section

December 31, 2021

At the beginning of December, a major event took place in the Moscow Metro — 10 stations of the Big Circle Line (BCL) were opened simultaneously. For passengers, the 20-kilometer section from Mnyovniki to Kakhovskaya means first and foremost new convenient routes and time savings of up to 45 minutes. But the metro is not only platforms and trains, it is a large team of employees, thanks to whom 281 subway stations are already functioning in Moscow. For them, the opened section is an opportunity to work with the latest technical developments. About how the new stations of the Big Circle Line are arranged, those who serve them told

Wide tunnels and the latest trains

Pavel Izzhaurov, the train driver of the Zamoskvoretskoye electric depot, was one of the first to appreciate advantages of the new section of the future circle. He has been working in the metro since 2010, but before that he did not have to drive trains through 10-meter wide tunnels. On the BCL new section, some tunnels are double-track: two trains can travel along them at the same time, the platforms are on the sides, the tracks are in the middle.

Pavel Izzhaurov

Now there are stations on Pavel's route not only on the left, but also on the right: Terekhovo, Kuntsevskaya, Davydkovo. "For the driver, first of all, this is technical development — we study the location of signs, traffic lights and so on. Each of the BCL train driver feels their responsibility," he says.

Pavel's working day begins with a medical examination, after which it is necessary to accept the train in the depot or change a colleague right on the line. It depends on the driver's shift — morning, afternoon, evening or night. They last from six to 8.5 hours. Moskva-2020 modern trains run on the Big Circle Line

"I started with operating trains of the 81-717 series — these are trains of one of the previous models. Their all controls were mechanical. The new trains have automatic systems, there are computers and monitors on which you can view the work of each coach. Even the driver's seat has become more comfortable, and this is important for us, given the long shifts," Pavel Izzhaurov remarks.

The train driver can't wait to drive through the big circle after its complete connection. "It will be serviced by three depots, there is no such thing anywhere. I'm curious myself, I haven't had such an experience. So far, the road along the semicircle takes 41 minutes — from Savelovskaya to Kakhovskaya," the train driver says.

Before starting to work at BCL, all train drivers were retrained. And when the line is completed, they will have to study all the nuances of the new sections. For Pavel, working as a train driver is a life's work. "This is a serious, interesting and responsible profession that has nothing in common with others," the driver says.

Well-coordinated work of all services

The new metro line is also a digital technology for the rapid transfer of information. They are necessary for dispatchers who manage the trains movement. One of them, Yulia Muzlanova, notes that digitalization helps to speed up the solution of many issues.


Julia Muzlanova

Before the BCL, Yulia was a dispatcher on the Solntsevskaya line — it was in 2014. "My mother worked in the metro, and when I graduated from the institute, she advised me to try myself there. I started as an operator on duty at the station, but I always admired the work of dispatchers: I liked how they manage everything," she says.

Before the working day start, the dispatcher gets acquainted with the execution of the schedule, tells about the situation to the attendants at the stations that make announcements for passengers, and organizes the traffic clearly according to the schedule. "The dispatcher manages all stations, posts, drivers. Everyone reports to me what is going on," Yulia Muzlanova remarks.

According to her, deviations from the schedule happen for several reasons. "It happens that passengers hold the doors, and the train starts to be a little late. Not everyone understands that the next train will come in 1.5 minutes. We need to make sure that the train interval is the same. Then the forward moving trains are delayed at the station for 30 seconds. Gradually they enter the schedule," says the dispatcher.

Another reason is the things forgotten in the coach. In such cases, the train at the nearest station should be examined by the attendants together with the police, and they take the lost things.

"All BCL systems are computerized. The information comes to a single dispatch center that connects all metro structures. From here I can contact every station or depot," Yulia Muzlanova says.

According to her, dispatchers immediately noticed how popular the new stations are with passengers. "Everything has been done here for comfortable movement, just like on other lines. The new stations are comfortable and beautiful. This site has already made life easier for many people: now they get to work faster, since they no longer need to change at the center," he says.

Bright design and services for passengers

The new BCL stations are also distinguished by their unusual architecture — they were decorated in a modern style, and each has its own unique feature. For example, the feature of the Zyuzino station is a futuristic ceiling. "The builders believe that it looks like a honeycomb. But I have heard many other opinions on this matter. Older people say that these are the buttons of a tape recorder, young people say that the keys, my daughter said that it looks like pop-it. And I think that this is the image of a modern, dynamically developing city," Marina Fomina, Acting Head of the Zyuzino station, says.

Marina Fomina

She herself has already visited many stations of the new section and believes that their original design combines, at first glance, incongruous materials: concrete, wood, stone, metal. But for passengers, not only design is important, but also well-thought-out navigation, the availability of the necessary infrastructure, including for people with disabilities, says Marina Fomina.

She has been working in the metro since 2015 and during this time she has come a long way from operator to Acting Head of the new Zyuzino station, which she is very proud of. "This is a family matter: my aunt worked as a metro station manager. I liked how passionate she was, how the colleagues respected her, and I decided to follow in her footsteps. I worked at the Tulskaya, Ulitsa Academika Yangelya, Lefortovo, Stakhanovskaya, and now at Zyuzino station — I already really liked it," Marina Fomina shares her impression.

Its task is to coordinate the work of numerous services that the passenger most likely does not even notice. "They are the escalator service, and the electromechanical service responsible for the air at the station, and the security service, and many others. In order for the station to work at full capacity, it is necessary to interact with each of the services," Marina Fomina notes.

Passengers can contact the management of the station both personally and through the emergency call column on the platform. There is an operator in the situation center who accepts the application and transmits it to the station. "Passengers praise us, wish us success. Residents of neighboring quarters already recognize me by sight and greet me when I walk through the station," Fomina says.

New underground routes

The BCL section is connected with other lines with the help of interchanging stations. The new stations are also being integrated into large transport interchange hubs (TIHs). For example, the BCL Kuntsevskaya station and the stations with the same name of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya and Filevskaya lines, as well as the Moscow Central Diameter platform (MCD-1) and overground transport stops are combined in the TIH.

Angelina Nefyodova

Metro employees help passengers not to get confused in all this. One of them is the controller-cashier of the Vorontsovskaya station, Angelina Nefyodova. She has been working in the metro for only two months, but she has already managed to tell dozens of people the way. "Our duties include communication with passengers. We need to help them to buy travel tickets and get from one point of the huge Moscow to another. We also advise on tariffs: we suggest how it is more profitable to travel by metro," she says.

Before Vorontsovskaya, Angelina worked at Petrovsky Park and Khoroshevskaya stations. "When I went to study, I saw posters in the metro coaches with the inscription "We will be lucky with you." I was interested in them, and I thought: maybe I should try it too? I wanted to become a part of a big metro team," Angelina said about how she decided to get a job in the metro.

According to the controller-cashier, passengers are happy with the new section of the BCL— thanks to the variety of interchange options, it has become much more convenient for them to go to work.


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