Message from the Neolithic: ancient vessel fragments found on Gogolevsky Boulevard

October 7, 2019

Fragments of an ancient ceramic vessel or vase have been found during excavations in the centre of Moscow. Since spring, archaeologists have been working in the area of Gogolevsky Boulevard. The experts date the extant fragments back to the Neolithic (the latest period of the Stone Age). About a dozen small shards of pit-comb ceramics, each of them sized 2 to 5 cm, have been extracted from a 4 m deep excavation site. Pit-comb is a special way of decorating items that look like prints of ridges or small pits.

'It is such a rare case ― some may say a miracle ― that Neolithic artefacts have survived in the centre of Moscow. These are another evidence of people living in the historical centre of Moscow almost 6,000 years ago. Earlier, a flint arrowhead dating back to the same historical period was found here,' said Head of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Department Alexei Yemelyanov.

After experts restore the fragments (they have to be carefully cleaned of soil), they will replenish the holdings of the Museum of Moscow.

The centre of Moscow boasts plenty of archaeological finds, including those related to the early history of mankind. In 2017, Bronze Age stone axes were found on the grounds of Zaryadye Park. In mid-June, during engineering works in Sretenka Street, a Neolithic flint cutter was discovered, with a Mesolithic scraper found on Pokrovsky Boulevard. This is one of the most ancient artefacts ever found in Moscow. Archaeological excavations speak for the fact that modern Moscow and the Moscow region have been inhabited since ancient times.

This year alone, some 3,500 finds have been discovered, with many of which displayed at the exhibition 'Pit — Excavation — Museum' running at the Museum of Moscow until 20 October.


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