Memory Line and Memory Watch. Eternal Flame schedules

June 20
Social sector

From 21 to 22 June, two significant campaigns are to run in Moscow as part of the Day of Memory and Sorrow.  Krymskaya Embankment in the Museon Park will host Memory Line, with Memory Watch. Eternal Flame held in Aleksandrovsky Sad.

Memory Line will start at 07:00 pm. Concerts and performances dedicated to the first days of the Great Patriotic War will be held on Krymskaya Embankment.

This evening, the embankment will have 1,418 candles lit to commemorate each day of the Great Patriotic War, with the first candle lit at 10:00 pm.

Everyone may join the event. Volunteers will help visitors to find a candle symbolising a particular day of war, and light it. The campaign will last until 11:30 pm June 22.

At 10:30 pm, 'Living Memory' musical and poetic marathon will run on the stage. 00:00 am till 01:30 am, attendees will watch a film.

03:00 am till 05:30 am, Aleksandrovsky Sad will run Memory Watch. Eternal Flame. Young men and women from youth associations, public organisations and patriotic clubs, the Great Patriotic War veterans and everyone wishing to attend will take part in the campaign to recall the events of 1941, to commemorate those who died for the Motherland and lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

At 04:00 am, Yuri Levitan's voice recording will announce the beginning of the war, with flowers laid afterwards. The event will be attended by the guard of honour, guests and representatives of youth organisations. They will honour the memory of the dead with a moment of silence.


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