Medieval University, Gymnasium Ball and pioneer assembly: top Times & Epochs children's venues

June 2

From 7 to 16 June, Moscow is to host Times & Epochs international festival of reenactors. Festival guests will time travel to various historical periods from antiquity to the USSR. The festival's organisers have prepared a special programme for children. Young visitors will try on the outfit of a locomotive driver or a student of a classical Russian gymnasium, meet with Leonardo da Vinci's 'contemporaries', visit a medieval University or play Soviet pickup courtyard games of the 1950s.

Tea and good manners

School of Good Manners will open near 24 Orekhovy Boulevard. This site is dedicated to gymnasiums of the late 19th — early 20th century. In those days, a separate education was practised in Russia, so the festival will open two high schools, men's and women's gymnasiums. The main topic of the lessons (for children 9+) will be the etiquette of that epoch. Young gymnasium students will also be introduced to the pre-reform spelling and learn to write with a quill pen. A geography teacher will tell about the most famous discoveries of Russian travellers of that period.

During crafts classes, children will make wooden vintage car and the first aircraft models, create elegant accessories of lace and ribbons.

At the weekend, you may visit the dance class, with the stories told about the most famous balls of the Russian Empire. And on 15 June, 03:00 pm till 04:30 pm, you are welcome to join in a free gymnasium ball, with open-air games, sweets in the tea house, and souvenir photos taken in historical costumes.

Bugle wake-up calls and modelling

Children will learn about pioneer movement and plunge into the atmosphere of the 1920s on the 'Spartacus Pioneers' ground located next to 11 Dmitriya Donskogo Boulevard. They will find out the origin of the pioneer organisation, its link with scouting in different countries. Children and their parents will be introduced to basic pioneer attributes, symbols and rituals.

Guests will watch pioneer assembly and find out how the children were admitted into the pioneer organisation. Master classes will offer to learn bugle wake-up calls and play the drums, and master exercises with weights and self-defence techniques. In addition, you will have an opportunity to ride a vintage bike and visit a pioneer poster exhibition.

The local reading house will host insightful lectures about renowned teachers of the time: Anton Makarenko, Nadezhda Krupskaya, and others.  You will also watch excerpts from documentaries and feature films. On weekends, the reading house will offer pioneer poems and prose readings performed by reenactors as 'pioneer leaders'.

In addition, aircraft, ship and tank modelling workshops will be open every day on this site.

First vocational schools and railway

'Children's Railway' venue is to open next to 31 Mitinskaya street. Here you will learn about the first USSR children's railway arranged in Gorky Park in the 1930s, the first vocational technical schools and basic transport professions — train service workers, drivers, technicians, signal tenders and railway engineers.

'Railway School' with a playroom is to be open throughout the festival with locomotive models displayed., Enjoy insightful quests and themed lectures on weekdays and attend locomotive model classes at the modelling club on weekends.

Crafts lovers will be delighted to visit a sewing club, with the club of young volunteers offering children to do joinery and carpentry. Young guests of the venue will also learn to play checkers, chess, dominoes and pickup courtyard games, such as hopscotch, Chinese garter, ball catch, blind man's buff, and wooden racket badminton.

Come to the site's stage to join in the dances popular in the 1950s. Master classes on twist and other popular styles of the time will run several times a day.

Cartographers, calligraphers and alchemists

Sretensky Boulevard will house the Medieval University waiting for its applicants. Guests will be greeted by 'contemporaries' and 'followers' of Leonardo da Vinci, Paracelsus and Erasmus of Rotterdam. The University will have three departments. The Humanities Department will offer  basic educational subjects such as philosophy, history, theology, law and negotiation. A calligrapher will teach guests beautiful writing and encrypting, a linguist will introduce them to foreign languages, and a print master will show how books are made.

The Department of Exact Sciences teaches designing and construction. Department's professors will explain the principles of simple mechanisms' operation, and a cartographer will help with reading star charts. They also teach military skills, namely strategy, tactics and blade handling (with practice blade).

At the medieval Department of Natural Sciences, students will be introduced to alchemy and medicine and will learn the basics of treatment, make a chemical reaction scheme and prepare a mixture for some nice tea.

Everyone will have an opportunity to give a hand in writing 'West India Travel Guide' , a book that will collect the most advanced information necessary for travelling to and surviving in the lands recently discovered by Columbus.

Children's classes on the venues for adults

Young guests will enjoy exciting activities not only on children's venues. For example, at the 'Technology for Youth' exhibition at the Presnya Museum, children may watch sci-fi slide films and films based on their favourite fairy tales. 'Merchant Way. Ancient Russia' ground will host a game room and craft workshops. At 'Paris Sketches. Retro Style Walks' venue (41 Profsoyuznaya Street), visitors will learn to make the most delicious truffles and chocolate sweets, with open drawing, handmade and modelling classes.

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