Maryino’s smart residential block: Smart technology improves city people’s lives

May 29
Municipal services

Smart technology has become an essential part of housing and utilities in Moscow. It is constantly being upgraded and hence helps to improve a person’s life. Maryino District’s smart residential block is a good example of how technology is being used in housing and utility services.

Over a year ago, the neighbourhood  between Bratislavskaya and Novomaryinskaya streets got advanced alert, security and energy systems. The pilot project included seven residential buildings, two schools and a kindergarten.

Smart resource consumption

The technological upgrade took place in all the multi-storey buildings of the smart neighbourhood s. New-generation buzzers were installed in the entrance halls making it possible for residents to control the front door with their smartphones and also see what’s going on via CCTV .

The entrance halls are decked out with motion and sound sensor lighting. Only when people are around and there is movement do they become brighter otherwise they remain dim saving on average about 40 percent electricity.

Advanced technology is also used to heat homes. Special sensors make it possible to regulate the temperature. Over 2,033 meters have been installed in houses and flats.

A wireless system is used for more precise readings of resources, which is more energy-efficient. This results in lower charges, and residents don’t have to send data from their meters and monitor the consumption of energy themselves and send the readings to Mosenergosbyt.

“A cutting-edge response centre that monitors engineering works and housing equipment, notifies services and provides integration with the integrated payment system that was established as part of the Smart Residential Block project. The operator monitors the air temperature, pumps, pipelines and other systems online, which helps respond quickly to any climate changes and relieve the work of the emergency services immediately,” said a spokesperson for Moscow’s Housing and Utilities Department.

The buildings within the smart residential blocks also have brand new security systems. CCTV has been put in the entrance halls and the lifts that are connected to an operator and at the same time can monitor any vandalism should this occur. In addition to this, all the lifts are now new: Strizh lifts produced by Moslift were installed to replace the already rather ancient ones. They give a much smoother ride and what’s more they are noiseless plus energy-efficient.

Safer courtyards

Representatives from the United Energy Company have already installed 182 lamp posts with individual control modules and energy-efficient bulbs. The new lighting uses half as much energy and has a service life of about 15 years.

Rubbish bins are now fitted out with fire alarms and fill-rate sensors and they also have recycling facilities.

There are charging points for e-cars in the courtyard. Special client cards can be obtained free charge by going to 7b Vavilova Street. Moreover, the entire area has the city Wi-Fi network and the Clear Sky project: all the once overhead wiring has been buried underground.


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