Marc Chagall Embankment to have bushy hills and blooming gardens

October 15, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

Marc Chagall Embankment is to have blooming gardens soon. Specialists have already completed the embankment's expansion, laid fertile soil and began planting shrubs and flowers, as reported by Moscow's Chief Architect, First Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Architecture Committee Sergei Kuznetsov.

Gardens with flowers and shrubs will be laid near the former Starodanilovsky Bridge, built after Alexander Kalmykov's design in 1915-1916, further dismantled in 1961 due to its dilapidation, with some of its structures survived.

'More than a thousand shrubs and several tens of thousands of perennial flowers fit for the Russian climate, such as tulips and daffodils, are to be planted here,' said Sergei Kuznetsov.

In total, the 820 m long Marc Chagall Embankment will have several green areas: blooming gardens, woodlands with grasses and shrubs, spots with wild grasses and flowers. 'Bushy Hills' area will imitate the forest. Besides, experts will plant 274 trees, with some of them 7 m high.

Stretching from the Third Ring Road to Novinki boatyard, Marc Chagall Embankment replaced the former ZIL industrial zone on the left bank of the Moskva River. The finished embankment will be 3.8 km long and cover 18.5 ha. It will be mostly pedestrianised. In fact, the embankment is to become a new Park near the water.

The first embankment landscaping stage will be completed in November, with the second stage lasting until the middle of 2020.


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