Madonnas in parks: where to find sculptures dedicated to mothers

December 3, 2021
Parks and pedestrian areas

You can see many sculptures dedicated to motherhood and family in Moscow parks.’s story is about the most interesting of them.

Art in Stone

Most of the stone women with babies are collected in the open-air sculpture museum of the Muzeon Art Park. Since the 1990s, the dolomite Mother and Child by Valery Kravchenko and the bronze Motherhood by Vladimir Slobodchikov were kept here. The image of mother and child was also conveyed by Vladimir Lemport, who chose an igneous rock for his work.

The Madonna and Child by Sergei Goryainov appeared in the park in 2000. It can be found in the garden of white-stone sculptures behind the New Tretyakov Gallery. And closer to Golutvinsky Lane there is a Motherhood marble sculpture by Boris Ulyanov. It was installed in 2007.

Bright palms

The Family Square with its main attraction — four huge bright palms — is in the very center of the 50th Anniversary of October Park. This is the My Family composition that appeared in 2008. Two large palms belong to mom and dad, and two small ones belong to children.

The Bronze Family

A bronze family settled in the alley of the Park Druzhby. The Children of the World composition is a response to a Russian gift to the park of the same name in Helsinki. It was created by Finnish sculptor Antti Johan Neuvonen in cooperation with domestic architects.

Mother of many children

Another sculpture of the Mother and Child has been standing since 1980s in the Sirenevy Garden of Sokolniki Park. The figure of a woman with three babies is one of the most famous works of Boris Machkov, who handed over more than 40 of his works to the park. In his childhood and youth, he lived next to the Sirenevy Garden, in a wooden house in the Poperechny lane.

Family hugs

Photo by Yulia Ivanko,

Walking through the Goncharovsky Park, you can see the sculptural composition The Family by Friedrich Soghoyan. He created it in 1983, and it was originally called The Cradle. The single figure of the father, mother and child was moved to the park in 2017. Before that, it was located in front of the polyclinics in Yablochkova Street.


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