Luzhniki Stadium to hold the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championship

June 26

Luzhniki Gymnastics Palace will hold the Championship of Russia in individual program and Russian rhythmic gymnastics competition in group exercises. Competitions are to last from 27 through 30 June.

The Gymnastics Palace arena is to host competitions for the first time. They will be the test starts for the first world Junior Championships in sports history to be hosted by Moscow in July.

The Russian championship will be attended by athletes from different regions, as well as the strongest gymnasts of the national team.

Gymnastics Palace was opened in Luzhniki in mid-June. Facility area with five above-ground floors and one underground floor covers 25,700 sq m. The sports facility is expected to hold competitions in rhythmic gymnastics, futsal, basketball, fencing, dance sports, as well as concerts, children's sports school classes and training camps with athletes' accommodation.


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