Luzhniki are preparing to host the Beach Soccer World Cup

June 23

Temporary stadium with seating capacity of five thousand spectators will be erected in Luzhniki Stadium for the Beach Soccer World Cup. A new sports facility will appear between the Grand Sports Arena and the Moskva River, opposite the A3 sector, near the funicular station.

The tournament will be held in the capital from August 19 to 29. For the first time, Russia will host a sports event of this kind. In scope of preparation for the sports festival, FIFA President Gianni Infantino came to Moscow to discuss the details of the upcoming event.

“Beach soccer is an incredibly emotional, very beautiful sport. The Russian national team shows excellent results. These are hard times. During a pandemic, it is extremely important that such a tournament be held in Russia, thereby giving people hope for the best, that the pandemic will soon end,” Gianni Infantino said.

16 teams will take part in the tournament. Moscow will host 32 games. According to Aleksandr Gorbenko, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Regional Security and Information Policy, restrictions during the event will depend on the situation with the coronavirus in the city at that time.

“Details regarding the situation with the coronavirus will be known closer to the tournament itself,” Aleksandr Gorbenko said.

You can get a coronavirus vaccination in Moscow for free. On the basis of city polyclinics, there are 100 vaccination points. They are open daily from 08: 00 to 20: 00. You can also get vaccination in private medical clinics, in all six flagship centers of public services My Documents and in the Healthy Moscow pavilions. Their work timetable is published on the website. Mobile teams are also working.

Until July 11, 2021, those who receive the first component of the COVID-19 vaccine for the first time will become participants in the car drawing. Once a week, five cars worth about one million rubles will be drawn.


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