Lucio Fontana, the Romanovs and zines. 10 major November exhibitions

November 10, 2019

New Manege shows theatrical costumes, posters and scenery from Russian museums and theatres. GROUND Solyanka Gallery opens after a big replacement of exhibits with a large display dedicated to zines. Na Kashirke Gallery offers botanical illustrations from around the world. Marina Tsvetayeva House Museum and Konstantin Paustovsky Museum open 'Inner Tarusa'. Read about the most outstanding exhibitions of November in the and Mosgortur Agency’s collaborative article.

'The Book Art. From the Holdings of the Moscow State Unified Museum Reserve'

Address: Pavilion No. 58 at VDNKh, 119 Prospekt Mira

Dates: until 2 December

There were only handwritten books in Russia before the invention of book printing in the mid-16th century. Calfskin pages had plenty of drawings, with a book cover made of leathered wooden boards decorated with ornaments. Learn the history of Russian book art at the 'Book Art' exhibition, opened at VDNKh on 1 November.

You will find rare booklore monuments of the17th — early 20th century from the holdings of Kolomenskoye, Lyublino and Izmailovo museum reserves. Handwritten and printed books, decorated with miniatures, engravings and decorative writing are available for viewing not only behind the glass, but in digital form on multimedia stands, too.

Ticket price — RUB 300

'THEATRE.RUS' in the New Manege

Address: 3/3 Georgiyevsky Pereulok

Dates: until 8 January

'THEATRE.RUS' exhibition is dedicated to the history of the Russian theatre from the 17th century until present. The big exhibition displays 2,000 theatre-related items from museums and theatres of Russia, such as costumes, posters and graphic art, paintings and sculptures, photographs of performances, audio and video files. Most of the exhibits are provided by the Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum.

Divided into themed zones, the exhibition covers four centuries of theatre history:  from serf and Imperial theatres to avant-garde productions by Meyerhold and Tairov, from the actors' life during the Great Patriotic War to the methods of modern Russian theatre directors.

Admission is free.

'Vanishing Beauty. Red-Listed Plants' in Na Kashirke Gallery

Address: 35/5 Akademika Millionshchikova Street

Dates: until 1 December

Over the centuries of its existence, the botanical illustration has evolved from a simple drawing to complex techniques, turning botanical reference books into luxury items and even works of art. Today, it has not lost its relevance, despite the spread of digital photography. Technology development has given artists more freedom, so now illustrators bring creativity in botanical engravings, experimenting with colour and combining techniques and subjects. 'Vanishing Beauty' exhibition has brought together 126 artists from 26 countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, the countries where the botanical illustration art has a long history.

Ticket price — from RUB 50.

'Inner Tarusa' in Marina Tsvetayeva House Museum

Address: 6/1 Borisoglebsky Pereulok

Dates: until 2 February

Фото: Юлия Иванко

In the end of the 19th century, a small town on the Oka River became an attraction point for landscape artists. In Soviet times, Tarusa was a literary and artistic colony both for those who sought solitude, and those who were forced to seclude themselves. Located beyond the 101st km, it was an officially permitted place of settlement for those who had returned from political prison camps. Joint project of Marina Tsvetayeva House Museum and Konstantin Paustovsky Museum is dedicated to the phenomenon of internal emigration and the people who resided in Tarusa during the Khrushchev Thaw.

The exhibition has two sections. The first 'external' section represents photographic documents and newspapers of the time. The second section is dedicated to the inner world of the renowned Tarusa inhabitants. It features a conventional room in which Zabolotsky, Trifonov, Kazakov and Paustovsky worked.

Another hall shows the first uncensored Soviet collection, 'Tarusa Pages' anthology created under Konstantin Paustovsky's supervision. The only anthology's release in 1961 failed to become a full-size issue, as the authorities recognized its approval as a mistake, with the released copies further withdrawn from libraries.

Ticket price — RUB 200.

'Young Art in Design Context' in the Vykhino Gallery

Address: 9 Tashkentskaya Street

Dates: until 1 December

The exhibition by students, would-be architects and designers, and young contemporary artists Svetlana Shebarshina and Pavel Yefanov will show how people with design and artistic way of thinking apply the language of space, form, texture and colour. Design component penetrates into the artist's work, and the artistic vision opens in the mathematically accurate creator of the architectural environment.

Ticket price — from RUB 50.

'GROUND Zine Fest. Extension' at the GROUND Solyanka Gallery and Workshop

Address: 1/2 bldg.2 Solyanka Street

Dates: 12 November — 3 December

'GROUND Zine Fest. Extension' exhibition is the first project of the updated Solyanka, dedicated to amateur small-circulation publications called zines. The gallery is to turn into a book centre for 14 art groups and authors to tell visitors about the author's books. Today, zines are popular due to their small circulation, unique content, low price and variety of topics. Participants of the exhibition, including artists, performers, and sound artists, will share the ideas of their projects and the secrets of creating zines.

Ticket price — RUB 300

'Biography. A Model Kit' in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Address: 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard

Dates: 13 November — 2 February

Ольга Чернышева. Люстры в лесу. Инсталляция. 2017 год

The Museum of Modern Art is still running the project 'Human Condition'. 'Biography. A Model Kit', prepared by art curators Victor Miziano and Anna Zhurba, highlights a biography as a phenomenon of modern culture. 14 artists from different countries have created installations, photographs, sculptures and video art revealing to the audience the phenomenon of a biography presented by art people.

The display is based on 'one hall — one artist' scheme. Sergei Bratkov presents his biography through the struggle with a bad habit, Marko Myaetamm files away family life scenes, Roee Rosen dedicates his project to a fictional identity, with Anri Sala studying the phenomenon of the variability of a biography.

Ticket price — RUB 350.

'Children's World of the Emperor Nicholas II's Family. OTMA and Alexei' in Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve

Address: 39 Andropova Prospekt

Dates: 13 November — 16 February

Display creates a complete chronological childhood image of the Grand Princesses and Crown Prince and tells about everyday life of the Royal family, and how Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia (OTMA) and Alexei grew up. Among the exhibits are Princesses' dresses and Crown Prince's costumes, their toys, accessories, letters, notebooks and drawings from the Hermitage holdings and the State Archive of the Russian Federation. A separate section of the exhibition is dedicated to the Romanovs' passion for photography, thanks to which many portraits, subjects and landscape pictures have come down to us.

Ticket price — RUB 150.

'Secrets of Antiquities and Rock Paintings of Siberia and the Far East' in Zagorye Gallery

Address: 24/2 Lebedyanskaya Street

Dates: 17 November — 12 January

First ancient drawings were made on the banks of Siberian rivers 8,000 years ago. Hunters often left images on the rocks to mark the places of animal passages. Shamans made rock drawings, too, to perform religious rites. The exhibition presents a collection of Siberian minerals, dinosaur bones, copies of rock paintings and documents from the archives of Siberian researchers and scientists.

Ticket price — RUB 50.

'Lucio Fontana. Retrospective' in Multimedia Art Museum

Address: 16 Ostozhenka Street

Dates: 27 November — 23 February

Lucio Fontana. Spatial concept. Fragment. 1949

Lucio Fontana is considered to be one of the most radical abstractionists after Malevich, and the founder of contemporary art in Italy. He launched a spatialism movement (spatialists considered painting and sculpture as one art form) and wrote the 'The White Manifesto', the basic idea of which is the synthesis of arts and the union of science and creativity. However, it was paintings with tears and slits, called by him an assertion of his spirituality, that made him world-famous.

The retrospective in the Multimedia Art Museum, which represents not only torn canvases, but also a series of egg-shaped paintings and sculpture, will allow experiencing the Fontana's methods and tracing the development of his ideas.

Ticket price — RUB 500.


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