Love without borders: three more Moscow Civil Registry Offices to register marriages with foreigners

June 19
Social sector

Three more Moscow civil registry office departments, such as Meshchansky, Medvedkovsky and Gagarinsky, now register marriages with foreigners. Previously, this state service being in demand among Moscow residents was available only in two registry offices: Wedding Palace No. 4 and Shipilovsky Civil Registry Office.

"This year, we have so many Muscovites willing to marry foreign citizens, that the two existing civil registry offices are not enough any longer. However, we believe that such restrictions should not hamper new families. So foreigners and their other halves are welcome at three more registry offices, Meshchansky, Medvedkovsky and Gagarinsky departments," Head of the Moscow Civil Registry Yelena Yefremova said.

According to her, last year about 10 percent of the total number of marriages registered in Moscow were between Muscovites and foreigners.

To apply for marriage registration, a foreign citizen must submit an identity document, a divorce certificate (if any), and a marital status certificate issued by the competent authority of his or her country.

Where to register a marriage with a foreign citizen 

Gagarinsky Civil Registry Office is located in the southwest Moscow, at 44 Leninsky Prospekt. Opened in 1960, it is one of the most renowned and popular Moscow registry offices. Surrounded with picturesque flower beds, trees and shrubs, it is a good place for the bride and the groom to take beautiful memorable photos.

Medvedkovsky Civil Registry Office is located in the northeast Moscow (1a Molodtsova Street). It was called Kirovsky Civil Registry Office until 1992. Its Marriage Registration Hall in warm colours has carved chairs for guests and a special room for photo sessions.

Meshchansky Civil Registry Office is located in the heart of Moscow, near Sadovoye Koltso at 16 Prospekt Mira. There are elegant columns, plaster moulding, wall sconces and gilded ceiling chandeliers in the hall. An old cast-iron staircase is the hall's centrepiece and a popular photo session spot.

Moscow is to have a wedding boom soon. More than 1,300 couples have applied for marriage registration before the Day of the Family, Love and Fidelity, with wedding ceremonies to be held on Friday, 5 July, and Saturday, 6 July. These days, marriage ceremony hosts will wish the newlyweds to cherish love and loyalty to each other, as saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom, happy marriage patrons, did.


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