Love and care: Moscow veterinarians give some advice to dog owners

July 4

On the Dog Day, many owners give their pets small (and big) presents. Many countries have a tradition to arrange a new sleeping place for canine friends on this day. The holiday is celebrated on 2 July. together with Moscow veterinarians shares dog care tips and reminds of keeping rules.

Vaccinations, food and... care

Your pet must be vaccinated against infectious diseases every year. You also need to periodically treat it against ticks and fleas and conduct deworming (expelling parasites).

It is important to decide on feeding: home-cooked or purchased food. It is not recommended to alternate these two diets. You need to regularly teach your dog basic commands, bathe, shave and groom your pet. But the main thing is care: play with your dog, stroke and hug it.

Dog-keeping rules:

— in public transport, dogs must be carried on a leash and in a muzzle or pet carrier;

— you are allowed to let your dog off-leash in specially designated areas only;

— it is forbidden to walk your pet in schools, kindergartens and playgrounds, as well as hospitals and healthcare centres;

— make sure to chip your pet;

— don't forget to pick up after your dog while walking;

— don't let your pet play with small toys, do not give it your food;

— don't leave your dog in a hot room or open sun,

— treat your dog nice, never abuse it. Don't set your dog on people and animals.

Emergency assistance and research

To get emergency veterinary care at home or call a veterinarian, please call +7 (495) 612-04-25 (available 24/7). You may schedule an appointment with a veterinary specialist online through the portal in 'Services' section.

The list of services of Moscow state veterinary clinics includes ultrasound and X-ray examinations, electrocardiogram and express tests.


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