Lopatina’s House: Renovation of Brazilian ambassador’s residence completed

October 11, 2020

The renovation, which took three years, of Lopatina’s House, that has housed the residence of Brazilian ambassadors to Russia since 1963, is completed. The building has federal cultural heritage status.

“I am sure that almost everyone in Moscow is acquainted with this unique house situated on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. When passing it, it is simply impossible to miss its fairytale facades in the Russian Revival style full of ceramic tiles. The rather complex renovation job of this architectural landmark has at last been completed and inspectors will shortly be checking that everything has been carried out according to the plans. Only after this has been done will it be really be possible to say officially that the renovation is completed,” said Head of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Department Alexei Yemelyanov.

The renovation job was divided into four stages, so that the building could be used as long as possible.

During the first stage, the basement was done up and the foundations and walls were reinforced. Next came the brickwork and replastering of the walls. The doors were restored to look how they originally did as well as the stairs and underground passage.

The floors were included in the second stage of the job: damaged parts were replaced and fire-proofed.

The third stage was the most extensive. The interior and the roof had to be worked on. Previously laid enfilades were uncovered and done up. Workers restored the stuccos, ceilings and walls as well as the ceramic tiles, gypsum parts of the sloping floors and also the ventilation grilles so that everything was brought back to how it had looked once upon a time. Ground-floor frescoes and mosaic parquet in the main halls were recreated.

The final stage of the job included the facades and the fence plus dealing with the adjacent area. Decorators were brought in to repair or replace the tilework inserts s on the outside of the building. Casts of the old tiles were made to replicate new ones.

The building that now houses the official residence of the Brazilian ambassador was designed by Alexander Kaminsky and erected in 1876. It belonged to Anna Lopatina, the wife of a hereditary honorary citizen. The house became the central piece of the estate as well as an important part of the city landscape.

In 1914, the entire estate was rented out. After the October Revolution, the house was to be turned in to an apartment house to accommodate members of the Labour Builder housing cooperative. In order to do this, the second floor and the attic were added. In 1963, the house was presented to the embassy of Brazil.

Source: mos.ru

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