Looking at the post-war capital: #Москвастобой project publishes archival photos

May 9

The #Москвастобой (Moscow with You) online platform has published a series of digitised archival photos of post-war Moscow. According to Moscow Deputy Mayor Natalya Sergunina, the virtual gallery will mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War; it is available on the project’s main page.

“Archival photos taken of soldiers coming back home, and the first fireworks on 9 May 1945, convey the spirit of the hero city that is returning to life after a long time of hardships. The published images show how the Victory was celebrated 75 years ago and what Moscow looked like in the first post-war days and months,” Natalya Sergunina said.

The photos also feature musicians from the Bolshoi State Symphony Orchestra performing on Manezhnaya Square on 9 May 1945, as well as the first Victory Parade on 24 June 1945, including its participants, Marshal of the USSR Georgy Zhukov, heroes from various units, and flag-bearers.

The photos were taken in 1945 and 1946 by notable TASS photojournalists who went through the war together with Soviet troops: Yevgeny Khaldei, Nikolai Sitnikov, Fyodor Kislov, and many others.

The #Москвастобой online platform also offers video tours, online lectures and other educational material on the Great Patriotic War. For instance, the Victory Museum has a virtual tour called, From Kursk to Berlin, during which a guide speaks about the key battles. Users will also be able to join online walks around the museum’s diorama hall and the open-air military equipment ground on Poklonnaya Gora.

The online project, The Historical Museum During the Great Patriotic War, is devoted to the workers of cultural institutions. Visitors can read the memoires of the State Historical Museum employees about valuable exhibits from the museum’s building on Red Square that had to be taken away from the premises. The Military Uniform Museum presents video lectures on our country’s military history at #Москвастобой.

Among the other projects is 75 Words About War, created together with the Museum of Moscow. It will feature letters from the front and tell personal stories of the defenders of our country, about the trials they faced, their longing for home and loved ones, and their unquenchable belief in victory. The letters will be available to be listened to because they will be published in the form of podcasts.

#Москвастобой is a special online project launched in partnership with the city’s cultural platforms. The project offers virtual tours, lectures, theatrical plays, culinary events, fashion shows and lots more. The project brings together over 50 cultural platforms, and their number is constantly growing. Over 100 video tours were recorded specially for the project.

Many Moscow facilities are currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic, but museums, theatres, cultural centres and libraries are preparing online events every day.

The Moscow Cares for History project earlier presented the online exhibition, What Does Red Square Remember of the War? The virtual exhibit shows family heirlooms from the times of the Great Patriotic War, among them are letters from the front, photos, diaries, drawings, postcards and military uniforms. The exhibition can be found via the, I’m at Home, online portal of Moscow’s Social Development Complex.

Source: mos.ru

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