Light art: theatre quarter to have unique street lamps

September 11, 2019
Municipal services

Oleg Tabakov Theatre will soon have unique street lights installed. They were made by special order for the streets and alleys located next to the renowned Tabakerka.

These unusual lights already illuminate Chaplygina Street. Zhukovskogo Street, Bolshoi and Maly Haritonyevsky Pereulok, Bolshoi and Maly Kozlovsky Pereulok and Ogorodnaya Sloboda Pereulok are to have new street lights soon, too. In total, 180 street lamps are to be installed in the area.

Chaplygina Street and adjacent areas located between Myasnitskaya, Pokrovka and Sadovoye Koltso are filled with a special old Moscow atmosphere. The area boasts cosy small streets and lanes.

"Old and modern times have intertwined here in the most amazing way: low-rise buildings, ancient boulevards and Chistye Prudy with their leisurely tranquillity, on the one side, and busy, noisy and crowded Sadovoye Koltso on the other side. Besides, these grounds house the famous Sovremennik, Oleg Tabakov's Theatre and Moscow Theatre School, Et Cetera theatre and Expromt Children's Musical Theatre Moscow residents love so much. At the request of actors and local residents, a theatre quarter has been created here — a comfortable place for both local residents and theatre visitors. The street lights have to keep up with the atmosphere of this unique Moscow district," the Press Service of the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs explained.

According to the Department, they preferred 5m high elegant lamps to big and heavy 7m high ones. Although small in size, they give enough light to illuminate the streets.

The lamps employ Lucern Lightning System technology, with its lights installed on a round cast-iron base. They are fit both for streets and squares, parks and public gardens. Pedestals, decorated with many details such as grooves, patterns and leaves, processed manually, are light and elegant.

There are two cast-iron pedestal and pillar junctions and another, aluminium one, mounted in front of the lamp. The lamps mounted on cast-iron supports are made of aluminium. Four pillars support the upper part with energy-saving lamps mounted. These lights have been designed to fit both historical and modern streets.

They have LEDs emitting different types of light. So, warm white light is used to illuminate the theatre quarter.

Maly Kharitonyevsky Pereulok houses Wedding Palace No. 1, which is also part of the theatre quarter's improvement. Six street lights are to be installed near the Palace. They will have the same supports as in the neighbouring streets, with the lamps' design slightly changed.

The improvement of streets and alleys in the theatre quarter launched this spring. Since 1 August, the work has been carried out in ten adjacent courtyards.


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