Lifting anti-coronavirus restrictions: New stage begins 1 June

June 1, 2020
Social sector

A new stage of lifting the anti-coronavirus restrictions has begun in Moscow.

Starting on 1 June, people in Moscow will be able to take strolls and take outdoor exercise without needing a digital pass but masks must still be worn. Those who plan to travel by car or public transport to a park for a walk or to do some outdoor exercises will have to request a pass for personal reasons. This is allowed twice a week.

People can walk and take exercises at any open city spaces, including yards, parks, city gardens and landscaped areas. But there are certain restrictions. In particular, residents are advised to take strolls within 2 km of where they are living.

To reduce the risk of infection, a walking schedule has been approved for each residential block. People are permitted to take outdoor exercise every morning until 9 am, while walks are allowed between 9 am and 9 pm three times a week (twice on workdays and once at the weekend). They must wear masks or respirators while doing this.

The ban still remains for the COVID-19 patients, people with suspected coronavirus infection or anyone suffering from respiratory diseases and those who share a flat with them.

Car dealers and non-food stores, including hypermarkets, are reopening, along with dry cleaners, laundries, footwear and clothes repair shops, as well as the places that offer other household services.

The first weekend fairs are expected to take place on 5 June.

Safety requirements for retail and service establishments are the same as for food shops: the personnel and customers have to wear masks and gloves and must maintain social distance.

As of 1 June bicycle rentals started (from 10 April, only delivery personnel and volunteers were allowed to use bicycles). People using shared bicycles must wear gloves or disinfect the handlebar, brake handles and other parts after using a bicycle. The rental companies are obliged to regularly disinfect their bicycles and scooters.

Other restrictions have been extended in the capital until 14 June. Mass events are not permitted, and restaurants and cafes remain closed.

Passes to travel to work have been automatically extended until 14 June. Those who carry official IDs, including those that have a QR code, do not need to submit any additional information.

To find out the latest about the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus infection call the Moscow COVID-19 hotline (8 am till 9 pm): +7 (495) 870 4509 and here.


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