Let’s dance! Boogie-woogie and acrobatic rock’n’roll to master in summer parks

May 28

Unusual dance floors will open this summer in Zaryadye and Sokolniki parks. Twice a week, from 26 May to 31 August, free two-hour master classes in sports dancing are to be held there. Park visitors will not only have an opportunity to master boogie-woogie and acrobatic rock'n'roll moves under the guidance of professional dancers, but also enjoy performances by famous masters. No registration required. More than 200 people at once may attend the lesson.

Boogie-woogie classes in Sokolniki Park will be held on Saturdays 05:00 pm till 07:00 pm, acrobatic rock'n'roll classes open on Sundays 05:00 pm till 07:00 pm. In Zaryadye Park, learn to dance boogie-woogie on Mondays 05:00 pm till 07:00 pm. Acrobatic rock'n'roll classes invite its students on Wednesdays 05:00 pm till 07:00 pm.

"Dance master classes will be guided by experienced coaches and athletes — Champions of Russia, Europe and the world. You don't need any special skills to join in, just take good mood and comfortable shoes," the Press Service of Zaryadye Park said.

Sokolniki Park will be the first to open the dance season. Rock’n’roll fans are to meet on the Central Alley of the Park at Rotonda stage on Sunday, 26 May, to enjoy performances by the best Moscow dance groups. After that, they will have an opportunity to learn the elements of acrobatic rock'n'roll and participate in competitions and prize draws. The event starts at 05:00 pm.

In Zaryadye Park, the big amphitheatre stage will turn into a dance floor. On Friday, 7 June, official opening of the dance floor is to take place.  From 05:00 pm till 07:00 pm, the Park will hold the first acrobatic rock'n'roll class.

Russian honoured masters of sports Ivan Yudin and Olga Sbitneva, the only reigning five-time world Champions, will be among the invited coaches.

Dance master classes in Moscow recreation areas are arranged within the federal project ’Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll and Boogie-Woogie Classes in Parks’. Boogie-woogie and acrobatic rock'n'roll classes will be available not only in Moscow, but also in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Rostov-on-Don and other cities.

Acrobatic rock’n’roll is a sport combining energetic dancing and acrobatics. In Russia, it has been developing since 1986. In 2009, the All-Russian Federation of Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll was established. In 2017, the Federation was joined by breaking and dancing sports. Presently, the All-Russian Federation of Dance Sport and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll has been growing popular and developing dance sport, acrobatic rock’n’roll and other modern dances.

Boogie-woogie is a fast dance involving acrobatic elements. As a rule, it features paired-up performance to rhythmic jazz music. The dance’s name derived from the same name musical style. The first boogie-woogie competitions in Russia took place in 1994. Since then, our country has been regularly hosting competitions for the title of the best dance couple. The competition program involves acrobatic figures and lifts requiring good physical training.

Summer season opened in Moscow parks on 1 May. Green recreation areas offer diverse sports infrastructure, such as workout areas, courts, football fields, jogging and cycling tracks, and sports equipment, scooters, segways and bicycles for rent. Moscow parks also invite to attend free sports, creative and educational courses for adults in summer. Learn foreign languages in Gorky Park and work out in Neskuchny Garden.

Besides, 37 Moscow parks will hold yoga sessions. 150 experienced certified coaches will teach you wellness regimen. They will help anyone to choose a program both for beginners and for more experienced yogi.

Source: mos.ru

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