Lecture Hall, veranda and exhibition halls: new building of Bakhrushin Theatre Museum

May 28
Construction and renovation

The Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum will have a new building with a Lecture Hall, exhibition halls, a souvenir shop and a café. A modern centre covering about 4,000 sq m will open at 20 Tatarskaya Street. Reconstruction design of the four-storey building has been approved by the Moscow City Architecture Committee.

The building in Tatarskaya Street designed by Leonid Grinshpun was constructed in 1937 to house a secondary school. During the Great Patriotic War, it was converted into a hospital for the wounded brought from Paveletsky Railway Station. In recent years, it housed a medical unit. In 2016, the building being already in need of major reconstruction was transferred to the Bakhrushin Museum. A new building is to open in 2021. 

The building is not listed as an architectural monument. However, it is located next to the main building of the Theatre Museum (31/12 bldg. 1 Bakhrushina Street), which has the status of a cultural heritage site of federal significance. Restoration of its facades was completed last summer.

"During the reconstruction, experts will reinforce the building's supporting walls, replace the wooden floors with metal ones, strengthen the foundation and upgrade the roof. The building is to be painted the same colour as the main building. Decorative elements on the facades — flat pilasters (semi-columns) and horizontal string cornice will also be renovated. The rooms will be renovated and equipped with an up-to-date climate control system to store particularly valuable Museum exhibits," Moscow’s Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov explained.

Design solution

After the reconstruction is over, a souvenir shop and a café with a summer terrace will open on the first floor of the Museum and Theatre Centre. The second floor will house modern theatre exhibition halls. There will also be an educational Lecture Hall. In addition to lectures, it will host conferences, meetings with famous art critics, artists and directors.

Bakhrushin Museum is the largest Theatre Museum in Europe with more than 1.5 million exhibits stored in its holdings, such as a collection of paintings, costume sketches and scenery by outstanding scenography masters, as well as photos and portraits, stage costumes and personal belongings of great actors, programmes and posters of performances, rare publications related to the theatre, decorative and applied art works, sculptures.

The collection boasts some legendary items like the makeup of the Italian actor Tommaso Salvini left as an imprint on the Maria Yermolova's glove, Savva Mamontov's piano Fyodor Chaliapin sang to. The Museum also holds more than 500,000 photos of performances, pictures of actors, artists, directors and writers. 

The building the Museum has been occupying was erected in eclectic style by a merchant and philanthropist Alexei Bakhrushin in 1894 after the Moscow architect Karl Gippius’s design. This year, the Museum celebrates its 125th anniversary.

By 2023, the Museum and Theatre Quarter will open on its grounds.  It is to comprise six Museum buildings and a garden and park recreation area.

Source: mos.ru

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