LCD displays and USB chargers: Moscow unveils new metro trains

September 14

The Moskva-2020 new-generation train was unveiled at the Mitino train maintenance facility. “New trains already account for 60 percent of the city’s rolling stock. There are various types and generations of these new trains. Today, we are unveiling the latest version, Moskva-2020, whose specifications are largely better than those of the previous trains. We are set to receive about 1,300 Moskva-2020 carriages over three years; as a result, new trains will make up almost 80 percent of the Moscow Metro’s rolling stock. The Moscow Metro will be the most advanced and newest system in the world,” Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said while visiting the train maintenance facility.

In the next few years, the Moscow Metro will purchase over 1,300 new-generation Moskva-2020 carriages. The average age of the trains will decrease from 15 to 10 years by 2023, and the new trains will account for over 80 percent of the total. Moscow will operate the newest fleet of metro trains, compared to European metros or American subways.

Sergei Sobyanin thanked transport sector workers for their performance and also congratulated them on City Day. The Moscow Mayor also noted that, apart from the metro, the entire city transport system continued to improve. Modern Vityaz (Knight) trams and electric buses now ply city streets. The city’s railways also get new rolling stock. “Ivolga (Oriole) trains that have replaced old commuter trains ensure comfortable rides between Moscow and the Moscow Region,” Mr Sobyanin added.

Moskva-2020 trains’ new features

The new trains will serve the metro’s Circle, Big Circle and Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya lines.

They will include the following new features:

— door width will increase by 15 percent, from 140 cm to 160 cm;

— the spacious inter-car gangway width will increase by 57 percent, from 102 cm to 160 cm;

— the trains will have an up-to-date information system, including larger above-door LCD displays with metro line diagrams, new overhead console-mounted data displays, a system of wall-mounted LCD displays and bigger touchscreens for plotting routes;

— wall-mounted route-indicating screens outside the train;

— the number of USB outputs for recharging mobile devices will increase five-fold, from 72 to 368, for every eight-carriage train; each seat has its own charger;

— noise levels will decrease by 15 percent, compared to the older trains.

The trains will be manufactured in the Moscow Region, following the results of a tender. 

New carriages, new functions and designs

The appearance of Moskva-2020 trains differs from that of their predecessors, the Moskva trains.

City residents selected the design of the new train’s lead car while voting at the exhibition pavilion of the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) near Kievsky Railway Station and on social media networks. The most popular version was developed with a world-renowned industrial design company.

For the first time in the Moscow Metro’s history, the name of the route’s terminus will be displayed on the sides of carriages. This will help passengers avoid traveling in the wrong direction, a common occurrence.

The carriage door openings are 15 percent wider, from 140 cm to 160 cm. This is critical for the congested Moscow Metro with its short peak-hour service intervals. The door glass area will increase to 100 percent from the outside and to 82 percent from the inside. The Moskva-2019 train’s glass door area was 47 percent. Larger glass area on the doors will create the impression of more open space.

The door design will also change. Instead of plug doors, the new carriages will have sliding doors with more reliable servo-drives. Door wings will have bright LED strips to indicate that the doors are opening or closing. A new system will prevent passengers from getting trapped when the doors are closing.

The Moskva-2020 will feature a system of upgraded CCTV cameras, with eight cameras per carriage, as well as equipment for communicating with the Integral Dispatch Control Centre that can receive video and audio information. Metro staff will be able to respond more quickly in an emergency.

Ergonomic, comfortable and safe passenger space

Like the other new carriages being purchased by the Moscow Metro in the past few years, Moskva-2020 carriages feature automatic air filtration systems. Each car has two such installations built into the climate control system. These are compact high-tech devices using amalgam germicidal ultraviolet lamps, similar to those installed in specialised medical institutions.

For the first time in the Moscow metro, 20-inch console LCD displays under the ceiling will be used to inform passengers. The text is well read from anywhere in the passenger compartment due to the high definition of the image and a wide viewing angle.

Moreover, 56-inch above-door indicator panels, which are 17 percent larger than Moskva trains’ panels, will help passengers stay on course. A new technical solution to improve navigation will be LED interior lighting (under the seats and above the windows) in the colour of the line along which the train follows.

Interactive touch-screens with maps for route planning will become even more user-friendly. Touchscreens are enlarged by 40 percent (instead of 19 inches diagonal is now 27 inches). Apart from Russian, the maps support eight languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Kazakh, Tajik and Uzbek.

But the most noticeable change for passengers will be the increase in the number of USB outputs for charging gadgets. Their number will increase five-fold, from 72 to 368, for every eight-car train.

Twin USB outputs will be installed in between seats for the first time. In all, 25 percent of passengers will be able to recharge their telephones or tablet computers even if the train is crowded.

The interiors will also feature different colours.  The Pink Gold scheme, selected by passengers and interior designers, will replace the blues. This colour will be used on the heated handrails and seat upholstery.

By the way, if in the previous Moskva trains the handrails were partially covered with warm material, then on the new trains handrails will be completely covered with this material. The seat upholstery, decorated with the Moscow Metro logo, is abrasion and dirt resistant and easy to clean.

Passengers that have to stand will also be more comfortable. The floor surface prevents them from slipping. The well-thought-out system of handrails does not take up too much space, but is always close by. Additionally, near-door seats will be separated from the doors by glass screens for the first time.

As compared to Moskva trains, Moskva-2020 train inter-car gangways are wider by 57 percent, measuring 1.6 metres. Outside rush hours, this is enough for passengers to be able to freely accommodate there, and the entire length of the train’s interior will look like an integral space without any bottlenecks.

The driver’s cabin

The train operator can enter the cabin using an individual access card that also activates the comprehensive control and traffic safety system. This system is safer and more convenient. The new-generation train’s control console is more ergonomic and has almost two times fewer buttons thanks to wide-format touchscreen monitors.

The cabin has a comfortable adjustable seat whose armrests and back can also be adjusted. There is also a system for adjusting the waist support. The shock-absorber system has three modes. The cabin features a heated seat, windscreen and foot-rest.

The cabin is equipped with a pedal and emergency button to keep the operator awake and attentive. There are smart help systems with visual and audio information about any malfunctions and the operation of all the train systems.

The train will tell the operator how to respond to any emergency. The cabin uses the Anti-Sleep system that keeps the operator attentive while the train is moving. The operator’s cabin has four CCTV cameras for keeping an eye on the situation inside the train, the tracks, the operator cabin and the car couplings.

How it compares to foreign trains

The new-generation train surpasses its predecessors and most foreign equipment, including the Siemens Inspiro, Alstom S9000, Hyundai Rotem H-10 and CAF M300, in many specifications. For example, the Russian train’s door openings are 23 percent larger. It is more capacious than most of the above trains. The train’s competitive price is a major advantage. The similar Hyundai Rotem H10 costs 30 percent more.

Compared to the above models, only the new Moskva-2020 train has a smoke detection system and interactive displays for navigation. Like the Moskva-2020 trains, only Hyundai Rotem H10 carriages have individual USB outputs near every seat. 


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