Lavender soup, violet brownies and aloe ice cream: taste them at the Flower Jam Festival

September 9

The Flower Jam festival was opened in Moscow on September 1, and will last until October 1. Design compositions made of plants were placed at city venues, and participants can taste meals prepared according to original recipes of the Summer in the City gastronomic fair participants.

Every day, Moscow restaurateurs bake traditional Russian pancakes, prepare Indian pilaf (biryani), Swiss raclette, Czech trdelniks and sausages, serve Hong Kong bubble waffle and bubble tea. Hundreds of ice cream varieties are represented at the festival. There are also flower meals — lavender soup, rose petal jam, chamomile syrup.

Ice cream with bacon, pears with algae and anchovies with plums can be tasted at Tverskaya Square. In addition to traditional ice cream, the festival features nano ice cream, Japanese mochi and German spaghetti ice cream. There are also 20 types of Belgian chocolate brownies, such as cranberry and thyme jam or violet and blueberry jam. And one can buy as a gift an unusual jam made of pear, poppy and star anise, pumpkin with orange or barberry with cinnamon.

Press service of the organizing committee of the Moscow Seasons cycle of city street events

Revolution Square offers full lunch or dinner. The menu includes juicy roast beef with lingonberry jam, chicken quesadilla in sweet chili sauce and pork ham marinated in spicy yogurt. And nectarines in cognac syrup with cinnamon or slices of fried watermelon with salt should be tasted for the dessert.

The venue at Teply Stan Street, building 1b presents Rhine-style beef with cranberry sauce, pancakes with marrow or rose petal jam, as well as chicken carpaccio with cheese and arugula.

The public garden near Golyanovskiy pond is worth visiting for aromatic shish kebab: chicken with apricot sauce or pork with cranberry-citrus sauce. Belgian waffles with strawberry jam, butter cream and grated chocolate are served as sweet meals here.

Press service of the organizing committee of the Moscow Seasons cycle of city street events

Matveevskaya Street offers the most aromatic and delicious hot drinks. Here one can taste coffee with cherries or tea with lavender. There are also Czech trdelniks with whipped cream, and hot dishes include tomato soup with lavender, pumpkin petals with honey and walnuts, and grilled peaches with cheese, figs and tarragon.

The marbled beef with cranberry sauce, bacon dogs on a skewer and curd cheese with spicy pumpkin jam are cooked in restaurant chalets at Admiral Rudnev Street. Here one can also try fried ice cream.

Another unusual delicacy is Granny Smith apple fries, it is offered at Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard. This meal was invented in California: brown sugar is sprayed on apples, a few secret ingredients are added and the meal is served with vanilla cream.

Besides, the classic yeast donuts with powdered sugar, cooked according to the original Moscow recipe of 1974, can be tested here and at Klyuchevaya Street. Maple syrup, date honey, Jerusalem artichoke syrup or white chocolate shall be a perfect addition.

Indian cuisine is presented at Gorodetskaya Street: hot masala tea, samosas, momo dumplings and biryani pilaf. A Swiss cheese dish, raclette, is also cooked here.

One can go to Veshnyakovskaya Street for delicacies from Hong Kong — bubble tea (tea with tapioca balls) and bubble waffle (waffle cones with various fillings). There you will also be offered a tomato sauce-jam with barberry and chili peppers and a pear dessert with raisins.

Press service of the organizing committee of the Moscow Seasons cycle of city street events

Visitors will find monastery bread and kvass, as well as a large selection of pastries, homemade lemonades and Crimean tea collections in restaurant chalets of Volgogradsky Avenue.

One can try waffles with various toppings at Pererva Street, and Orekhovy Boulevard offers pancakes with pear and Dorblu cheese or with rose jam and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Belgian chocolate brownies or pineapple stuffed with shrimp and rice with cashews can be tasted at Profsoyuznaya Street.

One can choose jam with strawberries, pink champagne, pineapple and ginger in the shopping chalets at Mitinskaya Street. Many types of ice cream and cold desserts: sorbet with bilberries, blueberries, currants and Thai blue matcha tea or with kiwi, grapes and avocado are waiting for visitors at Koptevskaya Street.

Press service of the organizing committee of the Moscow Seasons cycle of city street events

Flower syrups can be found at venues in the public garden near Golyanovsky pond, at Dmitry Donskoy boulevard, Pererva street and Profsoyuznaya street. Syrups made of rose, mountain rosemary, chamomile, lemon balm, mint, ginger, thyme and sage are sold there. There is also pink, juniper and mint cream honey and lavender products, from jams to aroma candles.

The Flower Jam Festival exists since 2017. This year it takes place at 35 capital’s venues. Landscape designers decorated them with tree and flower arrangements. For example, a birch forest will appear at Revolution Square, and a Garden of Aquatic Plants composition will appear at the entrance to the Central Department Store at Kuznetsky Most Street. Moscow residents and visitors to the city will also see French mini-gardens of lavender, petunias, boxwood, roses and  sage, a Japanese garden with bonsai and ground willows and much more.


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